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Item # 19763 - Fountain and the Sun - Kabuki - Sold for $800 - 4/9/2006
The Kabuki scene with an interesting rice-field and the rising sun background. Okine (2nd sheet from the right: played by Sawamura Kunitaro) and Jiraimaru (middle sheet: Nakamura Utaemon) and others in the play, "Kakehashi Monogatari". Rare pentaptych in Osaka prints.

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By Hokushu Shunkosai fl. ca. 1810-1832

You are the highest bidder at auction end? Congratulations! It is the first time you won in an artelino auction? Great! Is there anything you have to do or that you should know?

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Before Auction End

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Unpacking - Do It With Great Care!

artelino's packing is the result of 15 years of experience in shipping art prints and pretty solid and safe. Please take the time for careful unpacking.

Do not use any sharp knives. To prevent your art prints from slipping inside the package during transport we use a lot of tapes. Please peel all tapes off with utmost care. Do not open the folder(s) with your art prints before you have removed all tapes and all packaging material from the scene of unpacking. If a tape gets in contact with the verso or the margin areas, you have a problem. And if a tape gets in contact with the image area, the color pigments will most probably be destroyed.

Conservation and Framing

Conservation and framing is a wide area. You find an article Care of Art Prints in our Reference section.

As a rule of thumb I advise that serious collectors who want to keep the full value of their art print the best way possible, should not frame nor otherwise expose the prints at all. Better do what the Japanese did in the 19th century. Store them in a drawer. You can use the folders in which we sent your prints. They are to our best knowledge acid free.

Some web sites give you the impression that you can frame your art print and hang it on the wall without affecting the condition and value of the framed print. Such advice is in my humble opinion either a proof of ignorance or intentionally launched in order not to jeopardize sales.

My Prints have not yet Arrived!

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Like total losses also transport damages are extremely rare.

If you should experience a damage, please contact us immediately and send us a few photographs of the damaged print(s) and the outside packing. Please do not throw away the packaging material until we will have settled the damage with you.

We handle a damage like a complete loss. You are reimbursed by artelino.


If you acquire something from a brick and mortar auction house, you cannot return it. To make you feel more comfortable, artelino concedes a right to return an item without any reason.

If you want to return, please read our return policy and contact us by email. Return the item(s) in the original packing within 10 days after receipt. We will reimburse you the amount you paid minus the shipment fee.

Returns are a sensitive issue for us. As we pay our consignors shortly after auction end, we cannot back charge the consignor with your return, let alone the costs and complexity this would require. In a nutshell: If we offered a return handling like a general mail order business from which you can order five sweaters, keep one and return four, we would soon be ruined.

We solve this problem in a rather pragmatic way. Clients who return a win - unless we have made a mistake in our descriptions - have to be aware that we might not continue business with them. As a rule of thumb, we discontinue business with first-time winners who return something. Clients who have bought from us several times before can usually return twice before we propose the "separation".

Requesting Shipment of your Orders on HOLD

artelino offers you a rather unique service to make you save shipment fees. You can accumulate your wins from several auctions for up to 6 months and we ship consolidated for one shipment fee. You can release your orders on HOLD either by sending us an email or from your account. We recommend to release from Sign In as it is hundred percent reliable in contrast to email.

After you are logged to your account, please select "ORDERS" from the menu. On the next page, please select "Request Shipment". Then flag the order(s) that you want us to ship (usually all) and click the button on bottom "Ship Checked Orders".

Wrong Address? Package not Claimed?

Fortunately it does not happen too often, but it happens nevertheless several times per year, mainly with our clients in the U.S.A. Your shipment cannot be delivered because you moved and did not update your account, or you were not at home at the time of delivery AND did not claim it at your local Post Office either.

If USPS cannot deliver your package within usually 10 days, it is sent back to us. We resend such shipments at our costs. No problem? Not really when you are in the U.S.A. because it may take 2-3 months before the package will be back in our hands for reshipment.

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artelino was established in 2001. We are the online auction for Japanese prints that has been the longest time in operation. But we also want to be the best online auction for Japanese prints. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything you think we could do better. Feel encouraged to send us your negative or positive feedback.

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