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How To Sell - Conditions

Item # 69486 - Kabuki - Fire Fighters vs. Sumo Wrestlers - Sold for $300 - 8/28/2016
A Kabuki scene where the tattooed fire fighters are fighting against a sumo wrestler in the play, "Tsutsuko? no megumi wakou no torikumi".
Firemen were reputed as "they are more dangerous than the fire they are trying to extinguish" and often caused fighting and property destructions. There was a famous incident in which a group of firemen provoked a brawl against the wrestlers of a sumo school in Edo.

The artelino archive offers a database of more than 50,000 sold Japanese prints with detailed descriptions, large images and results. artelino clients with an active purchase history and authorized consignors of artelino have full access to our archive. Read the archive guide and test a trial version.
By Kunichika Toyohara 1835-1900
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How To Sell with artelino At a Glance

  1. Please READ this page from the beginning until the end.
  2. If you do not have an artelino account yet, please register.
  3. Log to our archive of sold prints to get an impression what kind of results you can expect.
  4. Contact us by email. Attach a few images of the prints you want to consign and let us know your rough idea of a "reserve" (minimum bid).
  5. We let you know if OK or not.
  6. If OK, please ship your consignment - details on this page.
  7. We confirm receipt of your consignment.
  8. We setup your account for access to our Seller Login area.

We are an Online Auction House - Different from Ebay

artelino is not an auction platform where you upload your images and enter your descriptions and where the seller has to handle payment and shipments himself. We rather keep to the traditional model of an auction house. You must send the art objects to us. We are responsible for correct descriptions, good images, payment transactions and shipments. And if we are successful, you pay us a commission.

We take consignments by collectors and dealers. Since 2001 we have sold more than 45,000 art objects - mostly Japanese art prints - in more than a 1,000 auctions. If the quality of your consignment is good and the reserves reasonable, we can sell your art objects.

This is what you should know and what you and artelino agree on.

Which Objects?

We take consignments of Japanese prints from all periods (Edo, Meiji, shin hanga, sosaku hanga, modern, contemporary), modern Chinese prints and of E-hon (Japanese books).

Quality Standard

All art objects must meet a high quality standard. Prints must be unframed and unmatted.

Unwanted Objects

For policy, quality and for commercial reasons artelino is not interested in the following kind of art objects:

The following prints/art objects should be avoided. Please contact us before you consign such objects to us.

Minimum Value

The total value of a consignment should be above $1,000. Single items must meet the requirement for a reserve price of at least $50. All prices in USD.


Please send us by e-mail email a few images of the art objects you want to consign plus descriptions and your idea of the reserve price.


Consignments must be sent to us with a list containing roughly the following information (where applicable):

Consignment descriptions should be preferably in English. We also accept descriptions in Japanese, but they will be processed at the end of the line. Any other languages including German are not supported.

Commission and Payment

You pay a consignment fee of 24.00% on the hammered price of all sold objects.

We pay you the hammered price minus the consignment fee within 2-3 weeks after the auction closure by wire transfer (bank remittance). Payments are made in USD or EURO - your choice. We do not charge any other fees and you do not pay for unsold objects.


artelino pays usually once per week by wire transfer (bank remittance). In order to avoid excessive banking fees we avoid the frequent payment of small amounts. Currently the following three conditions trigger our payment:

If your bank account is outside the EU, we avoid payments of small amounts below $100 to avoid bank fees for the beneficiary - even if the sale of an item is older than 20 days..

We confirm payment by programmed e-mail. In the SELLER area you can view the payment history, all paid lots and the sold lots not yet paid and the due amount.

artelino reserves the right to backcharge you for sold items that were returned by a client or for which we could not receive the payment. However this happens very seldom. And for reasons of simple handling we usually take lots that are returned or not paid into our own property - unless the value is above $500 or the difference of reserve and hammered price is excessive.

Unsold Objects

With several auctions per week we usually give unsold items a second chance. Lots that we cannot sell are sent back to you. Unless you give us different instructions, we try to sell lots over an extended period of several auctions.

Shipments - Insurance

When you send a consignment to us, you bear the costs of transportation and you are responsible for insurance. When we send unsold items back to you, it is the other way around. We send f.o.b. (free on board) and provide insurance. Any customs duties and handling is in the responsibility of the recipient.

If shipped to us from outside a member state of the European Union (EU), please specifiy the text

Productgroup 97020000 - art prints made by hand.

in the field for contents description of the shipment form attached to the package.

Ship to:

artelino GmbH
Fuchsbichl 6a
D-82057 Icking

Which Shipper?

Please use the shipper of your preference. We recommend to use the National Postal Service (Post Office) of your country (USPS in the USA). The National Postal Services are usually slower than commercial shippers like for instance FEDEX. But they are in general cheaper and in our experience pretty reliable.

German Customs - Important! Please read!

If your consignment shipment comes from outside the European Union (EU), German customs charges the VAT (value added tax) on your declared value or a value estimated by customs to artelino which is reimbursed to us three months later. We therefore could care less, and it does not affect you, the consignor.

However customs means a delay of several days for your consignment shipment. You can reduce the customs delay by attaching a proforma invoice with a reasonable value declaration to your shipment - 1 copy inside the package and 1 copy outside the package. You can use our consignment setup software to generate a proform invoice.


Consignments by dealers in Germany are subject to VAT. Please contact us for details.


It should be a matter of course. Nevertheless we want to mention that any form of bidding on own lots is strictly fordidden. Sellers who try it, will be excluded forever from artelino auctions - both for selling and for buying.

Rights on Images and Descriptions

With your consignment you agree that artelino is entitled to use the images and all informations connected with the object, like descriptions and prices, for publication purposes (provided that no other copyright laws are infringed).

Step by Step

We agreed to take your consignment. What next?

  1. Make sure that you are registered. We need your registration to handle your consignment in our back office.
  2. We authorize you as a seller, and you have access to the SELLER area.
  3. Please pack well. If you need our advice or help for safe packing and shipping, please do contact us by email
  4. We pay by bank/wire transfer and therefor need your bank details. Submit them ONLY online in the SELLER area (Select program MY ACCOUNT). After having received your bank details online, we delete them from our database except for the last 4 digits of your bank account no. We store on paper. It is the same procedure that we practice for our buyers with their credit cards.

IMPORTANT: The artelino operations are performed to practically 100% by software. Therefore we cannot process your consignment if you have not registered on our site and have not submitted your bank details. Do not send us any emails with your account data. Our software cannot read your emails. Use exclusively the registration form and the SELLER area.


The SELLER area provides all necessary information to follow the preparations of your consignments, the auction schedule for your items, view your results, print your settlement statements, view our payments, returns etc.. Please use the SELLER Area for your information requests.

Please use our CONSIGNMENT SETUP software in the seller area when you send a consignment shipment to us. It enables smooth processing of your consignments from outside the European Union (EU) by providing a pro-forma invoice and by enabling us to monitor your consignment and keep you informed from the moment when you hand your package over to the shipper.


For your consignment proposal or for further questions please contact us by our Contact Form, by e-mail email or by phone ++49-8178-9978837 or fax ++49-8178-9978839.

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