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Return Policy

Item # 58814 - Returning Boats in Sunset NYK Line Post Card - Sold for $60 - 12/5/2013
Postcard for the luxury liner N.Y.K. Line. Two sail boats are returning home on a large river in sunset.

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By Hiroaki (Shotei) Takahashi 1871-1945

May I Return an Item?

You may return objects within 15 days in the original shipping condition without having to specify a reason. We refund you the price of the art object, the commission you paid and the original shipping fee (if applicable). However you have to cover your shipping costs for your return shipment.

Return OK - But We Say Good-By

But quite frankly, we do have a problem with returns. A real auction houses normally does not sell their own merchandise but sells objects consigned by others. So does artelino - in contrast to other online auction sites for Japanese prints that we know. Therefore a return is always a considerable loss for us. By the time of the return we have already paid the consignor of the item, and for technical and practical reasons it is impossible to back charge the seller.

Therefore we have to keep returns to a minimum, and usually terminate the business relationship with clients after the first return. This does not apply if we made a gross mistake in our descriptions

Thanks for your understanding.

Dieter WanczuraAuthor: Dieter Wanczura