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Item # 52344 - Illustrations for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Gentoku visits Komei - Sold for $600 - 6/24/2012
From "Sangoku-shi Zue no Uchi" ("Illustrations for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms"), "Gentoku Fusetsu ni Komei wo Otanau" ("Gentoku Visiting Komei in the Snow"). Snowy scene of Chinese historical drama about the rise and the fall of three kingdoms (220-280 A.C.). Gentoku (left, on the horse back, future emperor Chao Lieh) and his two friends, Kan-u and Chohi, are visiting Komei (right: in the house) during a snow storm. A boy came out to greet them.

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By Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (Taiso) 1839-1892

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