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Do You Love Chaos?
If you answer is yes, the artelino web site is currently the right place to go.

Bruno and me are transforming the old 4 separate login procedures (Account, Bidding, Archive, Seller Area) into ONE single Login. During the phase of transition it will be a bit - yes - chaotic and confusing. This will last for a few days.

Please use only the new login. Go to the account icon on top right - from all artelino pages. When you are logged-in, the icon is green, otherwise red. Move the mouse over the icon and while you are logged in (green) you can go directly to the login protected areas for which you have admission.

For navigation you can use the horizontal bar, the square (image) tiles and the drop-in navigation (icon on top left of all pages).

Time-Out: After 30 minutes of no activity on a login-protected page, you are automatically logged out.

Greetings from Dieter and cheers from Bruno (our genius web master with the clumsy paws - completely stressed out and currently drinking too much.)

Oct 23: There have been a few minor bugs. But it works. If you should experience a problem, send us an email. Email icon is available when logged in on all pages to the right of the horizontal navigation bar.
Single Login
Web Site Redesign
The redesign of the artelino web site is moving forward. Some pages outside the login areas can already be viewed nicely from a smartphone. Behind it is the same code that you see with a large desktop screen.

With such major changes going on while the whole system must continue to work without any interruption, a glitch here and there is unavoidable. If you should encounter a problem, please let me know. You have direct access to artelino's email from all login-protected areas - Bidding Center, Archive and Seller Center.

Your reports or your general feedback are welcome - and so are your bids, BTW.

Dieter ;-)
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Big Time Exhibition
Chinese artist Zheng Jianhui had a successful exhibition in Beijing. In the focus of the exhibition was Zheng Jianhui's BIG TIME series. The exhibition was visited by Chinese artist legend Zhang Minjie. The photograph shows Mr. Zhang Minjie (left) and the artist, Mr. Zheng Jianhui (right).
Auction Calendar
Design Changes to This Web Site
Dear friends of artelino

More and more people - and mainly young people - no longer use a desktop PC, but smartphones or tablets. In the past artelino has not necessarily followed fashion trends in web design. But now it is time for a change.

I have started a process to change the design of the artelino web site in a way that it is well useable on all devices - desktop PCs. tablets and smartphones.

This process will go over several months. At the moment maybe 10% of the project are accomplished.

I know that some of our regular and faithful clients do not like changes. I try to make it as smooth as possible. The artelino web site will become better and easier to use than ever.

Auction Catalog
An Archive of 42,000 Japanese Prints
Active artelino clients and artelino sellers have access to an archive of more than 42,000 Japanese prints. All prints on display were sold since 2001 and can be researched with complete descriptions, large images and actual prices for which they were sold.

To our knowledge the archive is worldwide unique for the field of Japanese prints.

Yorie and Dieter
The artelino Archive
Why artelino Auctions for Japanese Prints?
- Since 2001.
- Competent Descriptions.
- Large Images.
- The Only PCI-Certified Site for Japanese Prints.
- Public Archive of 43,000 Sold Prints.
- Real Consignments.
- User-friendly Software.
- Largest Knowledge Pool on Japanese Prints.

Run and Owned by Yorie (Japanese-American) and Dieter (Former IT-Specialist)
About Us
PCI Scan II/2016 Passed
artelino passed the quarterly PCI compliance scan as usual. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. The PCI security standard is mandated by credit card companies like VISA, MasterCard or Amex and obligatory for companies that store, submit or process credit cards. Validation of compliance is effected for artelino every 3 months by a security scan of artelino's server and all web site pages.

Although we delete your credit card information after our manual validation from our server (with the exception of the last 4 digits and the expiration date), PCI compliance is mandatory for artelino.

To our knowledge artelino is worldwide the only company specialized in Japanese prints with a PCI attestation.

Buy only from secure web sites. Check for the PCI seal.
About Security and Privacy
Tired of Auction Reminders?
Are you tired of auction reminders?

There is an interesting alternative - Artist Alerts.

Specify the artist(s) you are interested in, and we notify you with item images if we have lots by this/these artist(s) in a new auction.

Log to your account, select ARTIST ALERT from the menu, and the rest is as easy as taking away candy from a baby.

Yorie and Dieter
Log to Your Account
Register and Bid
1. Register if you have no account yet.
2. We validate your registration by hand.
3. If OK, we clear your account.
4. You can bid.

Yorie and Dieter

We are to our knowledge the only site for Japanese prints that is certified for the PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standard.
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An Archive of more than 44,000 Japanese Prints
Dear friends of Japanese prints

Please feel encouraged to bid in our auctions. It is fun, you get great prints with excellent descriptions for very reasonable prices.

artelino was established in 2001. We are a real auction, i.e. we do not offer own inventory but to 99.99% prints consigned to us by collectors, dealers and artists.

We are knowledgeable in Japanese prints and with artelino you have - in our view - the technically most advanced web site in the market for Japanese prints with a plethora of contents about Japanese prints - archive, articles, artists, signature, dealer directory etc..

We are to our knowledge the ONLY site for Japanese prints that is certified for the PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standard.

Dieter and Yorie
Auction Catalog
Important Auction Changes Starting July 24, 2016
With artelino auction no. 1430 auction starting July 24, 2016, we are beginning a new auction scheme - 1 large auction over 7 days instead of 2 auctions.

And for further encouraging your early bids, we reduced the number of first-time bids required for the reduced early bird commission on items not yet taken within the first 36 hours, from 5 down to 3. We are nice? Aren't we?

Read our new "editors note" titled New Deal in our EDUTAINMENT section. It wraps up all changes.

Dieter and Yorie
New Deal
Do you want to sell Japanese prints?
A consignment to artelino is easy and convenient. You pay a seller's commission for all sold prints. No fees for unsold items. No other fees.

If you are interested, please click on the tile or link HOW TO SELL on this page.

Dieter and Yorie
How to Sell?