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Daniel Kelly - Not Shown Again.
The current auction 1457 offers 3 art works by Daniel Kelly. These will not be reposted. Don't let this opportunity go.

Yorie, Dieter and the Artelino Team
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Log-in at Session Start.
Always log-in at session start. This web site personalizes navigation menus and functionality according to your account status and your access rights like bidding, generating your own catalog, access to our archive, direct email on all pages or access to the Seller Area.

Yorie, Dieter and the Artelino Team
Why is my Account on HOLD?
We want to make sure that our clients can enjoy a clean auction without hoax bidders or people who cannot pay. Therefore we validate all new registrations and all updates of your payment information personally, and if OK, we clear your account by hand. This may take from a few minutes up to several hours.

Yorie and Dieter and the Artelino Team
Happy New Year
We wish all our clients a Happy New Year. And a big thank you to all of you who supported our online auctions of Japanese and Chinese prints with their bids.

Yorie, Dieter and the artelino Team
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We Wish You a Happy Christmas Season.
We wish all our clients and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And a big thank you to all of you who supported our online auctions of Japanese and Chinese prints with their bids.

Yorie, Dieter and the artelino Team
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In our sections ARCHIVE and EDUTAINMENT you find unique databases on Japanese prints.
• Archive > 45,000 sold Japanese prints
• Articles
• Japanese Artists
• Ukiyo-e Signatures
From This Person We Could Not Get Our Money.
Unfortunately we have a person who bid successfully in one of our auctions. However we could not get our money from this bidder.

Christian Fittkau
Kerpen-Sindorf, n/a

The objects that we offer in our auctions are not our property, but are consigned by dealers, collectors and artists. We have to pay them for sold items. Therefore we do not tolerate people who bid in our auctions and do not pay. We report them among others to credit card companies and publish them on our web site.
Zero Tolerance Payment Policy
Login for your Artelino session.
Login before you start your Artelino session! The navigation of the web site is dynamic and expands after your login to the login-protected pages for which you have access rights (Account maintenance, Bidding, Archive, Seller area).

Navigation is redundant and could hardly be easier: Horizontal bar, top left side navigation and finally the index tiles.

The major web site functions (auction, archive, account maintenance) are now by and large useable from all kind of devices - large desktop screens, tablets and small smart phones. The icon symbols that you find on all pages on top left and on top right should be familiar to you from your small devices or your Microsoft or Google accounts.

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How Can I Sell?
A consignment to artelino is easy and convenient. You pay a seller commission for all sold prints. No fees for unsold items. No other fees.

Click on the image and read our SELL page.
How to Sell?
Web Site Redesign Making Good Progress
By now the ARCHIVE and AUCTION sections are mostly fully responsive. Responsive means that the site - with the same code - is conveniently useable on all kinds of computer devices, from small smart phones to large desktops. Test it yourself with your smartphone or by gradually squeezing down your browser window.

The next section that we are now making ready for universal use, is the account maintenance. Please be prepared for major design changes.

The Artelino redesign is not just a cosmetic brush-up. It is a complete redesign. The main focus is on making artelino fit for mobile use. The times are changing, and young people often do not use desktop PCs, but small mobile devices.

Regarding the huge size of the artelino web site with the largest public archive of sold Japanese prints worldwide, more than a thousand articles on Japanese prints and much more, this project is planned to continue at least until spring of 2017.

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How Can I Buy?
Interested in bidding in our auctions of Japanese and Chinese prints? Take a few minutes and read our page for new visitors.

Yorie and Dieter
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Single Login
The old separate login pages for your account, bidding, archive and seller area have been replaced by a convenient SINGLE login.

Log in by clicking on the account icon on top right of all artelino pages. When you are logged in, the navigation bars show all pages for which you have access admission.

When you are logged in, the account icon is displayed in green, when not, in red.

Navigation is available from the horizontal bar, the little icon on top left (3 grey stripes) or from square tiles (when you click on index).

Once you got the hang of it, it is a charm.