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How to Recognize Secure Artelino Emails
• Our subject headers start with 'artelino - xxxxx'.
• We do not send emails with attachments.
• Links to Artelino pages must start with
• Standard emails by Artelino address you by first name and family name, unless you specified a company address with your account. Then we address you as 'Dear Sir'.
artelino - Security and Privacy.
May Pole in My Village
On May 1, 2017 a new May pole was erected in the small community of Beuerberg where I live. The May pole is renewed every 3 years and the new one is usually erected completely by hand. It is an old tradition in Bavaria and in small rural communities it is a huge event where people come together, drink, eat, meet their neighbors and enjoy life. - Dieter -
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Warning: Fraudulent Bidder
Attention dealers and collectors. This person tries to bid under different names and addresses with no intention to pay.

Names: Hakim Mioudi or Lawrence MCCARTHY or JEANNINE WIGDOROWICZ
City: 75018 PARIS or 93260 Lilas
Street: BOULEVARD BARBES (Paris) or Rue Poulet (Paris) or Avenue Pasteur (Lilas)

The latest attempt was with the identity JEANNINE WIGDOROWICZ, BOULEVARD BARBES, 75018 Paris.
See other No-pays.
From This Person We Could Not Get Our Money.
Unfortunately we have a person who bid successfully in one of our auctions. However we could not get our money from this bidder.

c. josette gaudreau
wenham, Massachusetts

The objects that we offer in our auctions are not our property, but are consigned by dealers, collectors and artists. We have to pay them for sold items. Therefore we do not tolerate people who bid in our auctions and do not pay. We report them among others to credit card companies and publish them on our web site.
Zero Tolerance Payment Policy
The Latest News
1) We revamped your Account Maintenance a bit. Let us know if their should be an issue or if you should have a request.
2) On Saturday around 8 PM CET we had a server downtime due to a problem of our provider. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yorie and Dieter
Backlog of Unprocessed Consignments
Recently we have received rather large consignments within a very short time span. In a nutshell, we are currently fighting a backlog of unprocessed consignments. We are asking our consignors for patience. Thank you.

Yorie and Dieter
Interested in Selling your Japanese Prints?
Daylight Saving Time - Auction ending 1 hour earlier
During the night from March 25 to March 26 Europe switches to daylight saving time. Thus for all visitors from outside Europe, auction 1464 will end one hour earlier. If you should be insecure, take a look at our auction end announcement on the header all web site pages. It indicates the remaining time until auction end. Our local time is CET - Central European Time. We are located in Southern Germany in a small village near the Bavarian Alps.
Auction Catalog
New Archive Research App
I have replaced the old Archive Search programs by just ONE powerful program that can be used for your archive research for artists and items alike. Access is restricted to clients with an active Artelino purchase history. You must login first. Let me know if you should find any issues. - Dieter (.. and if you should find it great, you can let me know too.)
Archive Index
Made in Germany
This web site adjusts functionality and access to information according to your account status. Therefore always login. Runs on all devices, from old Iphones to large desktop PCs. Artelino - made in Germany by a retired IT-professional, with print descriptions made by a Japanese-American. - Yorie and Dieter
Archive Bug
We had a bug in the full version archive caused by a recent program change of mine. The item search showed only results from 2017. The bug was fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. And do not hesitate to inform me about any misbehavior of my programs.

Icons at Your Fingertips
Often you see a string of icons attached to an item, an artist, article, auction, etc. We use these icons to give you additional information or service like for instance a display of similar prints in our archive or a link to a related article. Move the cursor over an icon to learn its meaning. But do not forget to sign in before you start your session. Also our icons have some intelligence, and some can only be seen when you are logged in.

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You can use on all your devices - from a large screen desktop PC to a tablet to a small smart phone. A tip: Sign-in to your account at session start. And navigation menus and functionality will dynamically expand to your individual access rights.

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