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Artelino is NOTHING ...
.. as long as you do not login. But when you login, your menus and functionality will expand miraculously, and it is EVERYTHING for art enthusiast of Japanese ukiyo-e. Articles, artists, signatures, your purchases, your own auction catalog, an archive of 50,000 sold Japanese prints, and more. Login at session start, and you have the whole world of Japanese art prints at your fingertips. - Yorie and Dieter
For New Users.
From Edutainment to Reference
We are currently overhauling our contents section with substantial changes under the hood and a name change. You will find articles, artist directory, glossary, signatures, dealer directory in the future under the name of REFERENCE. The new REFERENCE section requires LOGIN. We will implement this transformation gradually over weeks, and during this time our contents references may be pretty chaotic. - Yorie and Dieter
Reference Guide.
Shipment Address up-to-date?
Recently we had a few shipments to the USA that bounced back due to an outdated address. That is annoying for you and for us. Please make sure that your shipment address is up-to-date before you bid in our auctions. Please also read our winner's email after auction end. It lists all relevant information of your account for payment and shipping. Do not send us any account changes by email. Our software cannot read nor understand your emails. Login to your account, and make changes where applicable. - Thanks - Yorie and Dieter
Renovation Works
We have started to renovate our contents section with directories of articles, artists, videos, signatures. The emphasis is on larger images, better navigation, archive reference and better display on small devices. This work will go over several weeks. - Dieter
Server Downtime
August 14: We had a major server downtime of several hours. Everything is working again. But charging and shipping for the auction that ended on August 13, is on delay, of course. In addition we have a holiday on Tuesday with the Post Office closed. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Dieter
Auction Catalog
Slow Shipments to the USA.
When you request shipment of your purchases we can usually process your request within 1-2 days. However transport from Germany to the USA by USPS is slow. And if the totals of your purchase are more than circa $1,000 and your shipment country is not a member state of the European Union, we need export documents which cause a delay of 2-3 days. We want you to know this, and are asking for your patience. The good thing: Our shipments are extremely reliable and 100% safe for you. - Yorie and Dieter
Restricted Access to Edutainment
New security requests by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standard have caused us to restrict more databases for collectors of Japanese prints like the artist, signatures, glossary and video files. They are fully accessible for registered users. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The PCI security standard is obligatory for all web sites that process credit cards. Artelino is audited every 3 months for a strict compliance with the PCI standard. For a perfect web site experience, please do always login before your Artelino session start.

Yorie and Dieter
Security and Privacy
Please be Fair.
Artelino has a unique feature. On your request we accumulate your auction wins up to 6 months and then ship consolidated for one shipment fee or even for free. But some obviously understand Artelino as a kind of permanent archive to hold their collection. We cannot do this.

Dear friends, please be fair. After 6 months or when you are eligible for a free shipment, we send you an automatic notification and ask you to request shipment. If shipment is really inconvenient for you at this time and you want to delay for a few weeks, that's OK for us. But please do not think we store your purchases for years with us.

Yorie and Dieter
All About Shipping
Happy Independence Day
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Changes of Your Address ...
It happens again and again that we receive emails such as "Please ship this order to ....". Dear Friends, it does not work this way. Our software that generates address labels, packing lists, shipper or export documents and alike is not capable of reading, let alone understanding your hand-written emails. Our software uses ONLY YOUR address specifications and your account settings - nothing else.

When your address or email changes, please change your account settings. For strict security and policy reasons we do not touch YOUR account data.

Our operations are managed by your account settings which YOU control to a 100%.

Yorie, Dieter and the Artelino team
Made in Germany
Artelino is located in a small Bavarian village near the Alps - managed and programmed by a retired German IT professional (Dieter). Descriptions and daily operations are made by my Japanese-American wife Yorie.

Greetings from Bavaria - Yorie and Dieter
Who we are.
Germans Exporting Too Many Japanese Prints to the USA.
Artelino is MADE in GERMANY. We are located in a small Bavarian village near the Alps. Artelino is managed and programmed by a retired German IT professional (me). Descriptions and daily operations are made by my Japanese-American wife Yorie. Since 2001 we have exported circa 30,000 Japanese prints to the United States.

Bad, very bad. But our American clients seem to like it. ;-)

Greetings from (currently) sunny Bavaria from Dieter and Yorie
Who we are.