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Plum and Bamboo

Hoitsu Sakai 1761-1828

Hoitsu Sakai 1761-1828


Hoitsu Sakai 1761-1828
Hoitsu Sakai was born in Edo as the son of a nobleman. That gave him the financial means to devote his life to the fine arts and become a well-known painter. Hoitsu made a few woodblocks and a few books, but the main activity was painting in Rimpa style.

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Plum and Bamboo

Hoitsu Sakai 1761-1828

A plum tree and bamboo in the decorative Rimpa style.

Artist's seal.

This woodblock edition of Hoitsu's painting was produced probably in 1890 - 1910s.

Woodblock print.

Very good.

Excellent - very good.

Very good ... Paper is toned. Slight foxing spots and slight creases.


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