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Sentaro Iwata 1901-1974 - Beauty in Bunsei Era

Sentaro Iwata, 1901-1974      Beautiful Women

Sentaro Iwata was born in Asakusa district of Toyko. He studied with Ito Shinsui and later worked as an illustrator. Mainly bijin (beautiful women) woodblock prints are known by the artist.
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Item 60091 Search for this design by Image Recognition on Google for Sentaro Iwata 1901-1974 Beauty in Bunsei Era. Search BING for Sentaro Iwata 1901-1974 Beauty in Bunsei Era.
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Title Beauty in Bunsei Era
Artist Sentaro Iwata 1901-1974 26 sold items for Sentaro Iwata in our archive. View short biography of Sentaro Iwata. Art Works by Sentaro Iwata Google for Sentaro Iwata. Search BING for Sentaro Iwata.
Description From a series of beauties. No.5. "Suzumi". A beauty in Bunsei era (1818 - 1830).
Sentaro Iwata was a very popular illustrator in 1960 - 70. He was most famous for his alluring modern beauties. This series, made just one year before his death, was in a way meant to be the compilation of his creations over the years. Here, the vivacious beauties represent the lives and the manners of the different eras.
Seal Artist's seal.
Dated 1973.
Medium/Technique Lithograph.
Impression Excellent ... Printed on a glossy paper.
Colors Excellent.
Condition Excellent ... The left edge is pasted on the original folder with the title in Japanese.
Width Item 10.2 inches = 25.8 cm
Height Item 14.1 inches = 35.7 cm
Width Mat 14.4 inches = 36.5 cm
Height Mat 20.3 inches = 51.5 cm
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