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Yuichiro Kato born 1926 - Washi - 1

Yuichiro Kato, born 1926      Father of Hideaki Kato

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Yuichiro Kato was born in 1926 in Kyoto and had studied at Kyoto Second Commercial School. The artist has worked as a professional photographer since 1958. He began his first works in silkscreen printmaking technique in 1972. Yuichiro Kato has regular one man show exhibitions in Japan since the 1970s. He lectured at Aichi Educational University and at Kyoto News Paper K.C.A..
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Title Washi - 1
  hand signed original print
Artist Yuichiro Kato born 1926 67 sold items for Yuichiro Kato in our archive. View short biography of Yuichiro Kato. Art Prints by Yuichiro Kato Prints by Hideaki Kato Google for Yuichiro Kato. Search BING for Yuichiro Kato.
Description "Washi" (Japanese Paper) - I. The conbination of a noh mask and patterns of "washi" paper. Expression of Japanese traditional culture.
The name of the mask is "Doji". It has a beautiful, classical features portraying the innocent youth. It does not portray a real boy, but symbolises the eternal youth and the divine spirit. With the mysterious gracefulness, It is used for the roles as "Makura-jidô", "Kiku-jidô" and "Tenko".
Signature "Y. Kato" signed in pencil on the lower margin.
Seal Artist's seal is embossed on the lower margin.
Dated 1982.
Medium/Technique Silkscreen.
Impression Excellent ... Printed on a thick, laid paper in 2009.
Colors Excellent ... Metallic pigments.
Condition Excellent - Very good.
Edition Size 150
Numbered 27 / 150
Note Hideaki Kato and his father, Yuichiro, are the well known silk screen artists in kyoto. They have depicted the quintessent scenery, tranquil tea rooms and enigmatic noh theaters for decades.
Width Item 19.7 inches = 50.0 cm
Height Item 27.0 inches = 68.5 cm
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