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Hideo Nishiyama 1911-1989 - Twilight in Sakurajima

Hideo Nishiyama, 1911-1989      Publisher: Unsodo

Hideo Nishiyama was born in Kyoto. He graduated from the Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting. Among his graphic works is a series "Twelve Views of Kyoto", which was published by Unsodo in 1948.   For feedback contact us.

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Item 60020 5 sold item(s) with a similar title for Hideo Nishiyama 1911-1989 in our archive. Search for this design by Image Recognition on Google for Hideo Nishiyama 1911-1989 Twilight in Sakurajima. Search BING for Hideo Nishiyama 1911-1989 Twilight in Sakurajima.
Reserve $130 = €99
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Title Twilight in Sakurajima
Artist Hideo Nishiyama 1911-1989 89 sold items for Hideo Nishiyama in our archive. View short biography of Hideo Nishiyama. Google for Hideo Nishiyama. Search BING for Hideo Nishiyama.
Description "Yuubae no Sakurajima" ("Twilight in Sakurajima"). The red sunset glow at Sakura-jima island. Sakurajima has one of the most active volcanoes in Japan. It is constantly spewing volcanic clouds.
Signature "Hideo".
Seal Artist's seal.
Dated 1947.
Publisher Unsodo.
Medium/Technique Woodblock print.
Impression Very good.
Colors Excellent - very good.
Condition Very good ... Slightly toned. Mat lines along the image. Minor ink residues on the upper areas. Corners slightly creased.
Note Printer Shinmi. Carver Shibamura.
Format Oban yoko-e
Width Item 15.4 inches = 39.0 cm
Height Item 10.6 inches = 27.0 cm
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