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Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s - Fisherman

Hiroshige IV Ando, 1920-30s      

This artist's real name was Kiichiro KIKUCHI. Apparently Otatsu, the wife of Hiroshige III and the step daughter of Hiroshige I, and Seifu Shimizu wanted him to be Hiroshige IV. Kikuchi family had close relationship with Ando (Hiroshige) family. He made woodblock prints early in his art career; but later, he became a calligrapher. He authored book about ukiyo-e, "Ehon Edo Fuzoku Orai" Toyo-bunko, in 1965.   For feedback contact us.

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55789 Tanager60 USD50 yes Sunday, April 13, 2014 7:59:55 PM

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Item 55789 Search for this design by Image Recognition on Google for Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s Fisherman. Search BING for Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s Fisherman.
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High Bidder Tanager60
Title Fisherman
Artist Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s 16 sold items for Hiroshige IV Ando in our archive. View short biography of Hiroshige IV Ando. Google for Hiroshige IV Ando. Search BING for Hiroshige IV Ando.
Description Fisherman fishing with torch.
Signature Artist's signature.
Dated Reproduction, from probably in the early 20th century.
Publisher Distoributor: Shima Art Co.
Medium/Technique Woodblock print.
Impression Excellent - very good ... Re-carved.
Colors Excellent - Very good.
Condition Excellent - Very good ... Slightly toned.
Width Item 4.1 inches = 10.5 cm
Height Item 6.1 inches = 15.5 cm
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