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Auction MODERN JAPANESE PRINTS - 1308 - ending in 2 days, 9 hours, 35 minutes and 1 second .
Modern Japanese Prints - 1308 - open
Be the first bidder for at least 5 items and your commission is 15% instead of 20%. Early bird will end in 21 hours, 35 minutes and 2 seconds.

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Event Modern Japanese Prints - 1308   open
Item No. 64704  Search for this design by Image Recognition on www.ukiyo-e.org.  Google for Itoku Tagaya 1918-1995 Abstract.  Search BING for Itoku Tagaya 1918-1995 Abstract.
Title Abstract
Artist Itoku Tagaya 1918-1995
Reserve $60 = €54
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Woodblock Prints by Tsuruya Kokei      Tsuruya Kokei - a very special artist.

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We are currently in the fortunate position to offer you over several auctions a larger number of woodblock prints by Tsuruya Kokei. Among them are many of the rare designs from the peak of the artist's career.

Tsuruya Kokei is a very special artist - his story, his subjects, his technique and his life. Read this little article about Tsuruya Kokei and check our ongoing auctions for his art prints. This is a rather unique opportunity that we will hardly be able to offer every year.

Yorie and Dieter
Biography of Tsuruya Kokei    For feedback contact us.

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