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Japanese Prints
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Auction JAPANESE PRINTS AND KABUKI THEATER - 1430 - ending in 6 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes and 23 seconds.
Japanese Prints and Kabuki Theater - 1430  View short biography of featured artist.  Read article: Hisashi Yamamoto - Prints and Paintings.  View video.   Early Bird bonus is valid.   Event has featured items. - open
  Early Bird bonus is valid. Bid on at least 3 items with no bids yet, and your commission is 10% instead of 20%. Early bird will end in 1 day, 7 hours, 43 minutes and 24 seconds.
Important Auction Changes Starting July 24, 2016Oh no! Always these changes!NEW
artelino - Art Auctions of Japanese prints and contemporary Chinese art.
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With artelino auction no. 1430 auction starting July 24, 2016, we are beginning a new auction scheme - 1 large auction over 7 days instead of 2 auctions.

And for further encouraging your early bids, we reduced the number of first-time bids required for the reduced early bird commission on items not yet taken within the first 36 hours, from 5 down to 3. We are nice? Aren't we?

Read our new "editors note" titled New Deal in our EDUTAINMENT section. It wraps up all changes.

Dieter and Yorie

New Deal

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