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Auction SOSAKU HANGA AND JAPANESE PRINTS - 1348 - ending in 2 days, 20 minutes and 29 seconds.
Sosaku Hanga and Japanese Prints - 1348 - open
Be the first bidder for at least 5 items and your commission is 15% instead of 20%. Early bird will end in 12 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds.
Chris van Otterloo at National Gallery Congratulations to the Artist.
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The National Gallery of Australia ( NGA) in Canberra has acquired 15 etchings by Dutch artist Chris van Otterloo for their collection.

Chris van Otterloo was the only student of famous Japanese etching master Ryohei Tanaka. Today Chris van Otterloo works as a freelance artist, curator, art advisor and lecturer with exhibitions in Japan, Europe, Australia and the U.S.A.. His works are in such renowned museums like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

We have every now and then works by Chris van Otterloo offered in our regular online auctions.

Dieter and Yorie
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