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Stone Pavement of Oubai-in

Masao Maeda 1904-1974

Masao Maeda 1904-1974


Masao Maeda was a student of Hiratsuka together with Umetaro Azechi. He took part in all important sosaku hanga print exhibitions since the 1930s. He was one of the major Sosaku Hanga artists after W.W.II. Favorite subjects are landscapes - eight views of Hokkaido and famous gates of Edo.

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Stone Pavement of Oubai-in

Masao Maeda 1904-1974

"Ishidatami" (Stone Flooring). The neatly paved flagstone path of Oubai-in (It means the temple of yellow plums) in Kyoto. The temple was started by Oda Nobunaga in 1562. Although it was a Zen temple, many war lords such as the Toyotomi and the Mouri patronized the quietness of its renowned tea house and Zen garden.

Artist's seal (Maeda).


Woodblock print.


Very good.

Good ... Light toning. Margins are lightly soiled and lightly creased. Discoloration on the middle - upper right margin. Top right corner is creased.

17.6 inches = 44.8 cm

22.8 inches = 57.8 cm

"Maeda Masao Ten: Shirarezaru Gagyo no Zenbo" Catalogue, Hokkaido Hakodate Art Museum, 2006, - pg.92, pl.262

Sosaku Hanga.
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