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Herons and Irises
Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s
Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s


Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s
This artist's real name was Kiichiro KIKUCHI. Apparently Otatsu, the wife of Hiroshige III and the step daughter of Hiroshige I, and Seifu Shimizu wanted him to be Hiroshige IV. Kikuchi family had close relationship with Ando (Hiroshige) family. He made woodblock prints early in his art career; but later, he became a calligrapher. He authored book about ukiyo-e, "Ehon Edo Fuzoku Orai" Toyo-bunko, in 1965.
74007 - Herons and Irises
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Herons and Irises

Hiroshige IV Ando 1920-30s

Three white herons and irises on a rainy day.

'Hiroshige hitsu'.

Artist's seal.



Woodblock print.

Very good ... Feathers are partially embossed.

Very good ... Ai-zuri-e (printed in blue tones).

Very good ... Lightly creased.

4.9 inches = 12.5 cm

14.8 inches = 37.7 cm
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