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Sketches of Beauties - Beauty standing

Goyo Hashiguchi 1880-1921

Goyo Hashiguchi 1880-1921


Goyo Hashiguchi 1880-1921
Goyo Hashiguchi was born as the grandson of a samurai in Kagoshima City in the province of Kyushu. He had studied Western art at the Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts. Goyo Hashiguchi was extremely gifted and graduated as best student. In 1915 he produced his first original Shin Hanga print - Woman at the bath. It was published by Watanabe. Unfortunately Goyo Hashiguchi died at the age of 41 of meningitis. Before his death, Goyo Hashiguchi had created and published another thirteen prints under his own supervision. After his death seven more prints were published by his heirs.

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Sketches of Beauties - Beauty standing - Reproduction.

Goyo Hashiguchi 1880-1921

From album series, "Hashiguchi Goyo Bijin-ga Sobyo Shu" (Collection of Sketches of Beauties by Hashiguchi Goyo). A pencil study of a beauty.
Edition number 140 / 500, the title and the publication information of the set are printed on a piece of paper and attached on the album box. A photo copy of the edition number is provided in this lot.

Artist's seal.

Original pencil sketch was made around 1920's. This is a lithograph edition made in 1976.



Excellent - Very good ... Printed on textured paper.

Monochrome. Printed on beige colored background.

Excellent - Very good.

140 / 500

14.3 inches = 36.4 cm

20.3 inches = 51.5 cm

12.6 inches = 32.0 cm

19.5 inches = 49.5 cm

Hashiguchi Goyo.

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