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Toyonari Yamamura 1885-1942

Toyonari Yamamura 1885-1942


Toyonari Yamamura 1885-1942
Toyonari Yamamura is also known as Koka Yamamura. He started his artistic career as a student of Ogata Gekko. Yamamura used the name Koka Yamamura for paintings and Toyonari Yamamura for prints. He created a series of actor prints known as Rien no hana, which was published by Watanabe between 1920 and 1922. Famous is his series "Shanghai Cafe Dancers" because of his modern Western appeal in the style of the twenties. .

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Toyonari Yamamura 1885-1942

"Maiko". An apprentice geisha in Kyoto.
"Heisei" prints were published at the beginning of "Heisei" period (1988 - ) by the publisher Watanabe. They carefully restored the original woodblocks used for their most famous and popular Shin Hanga designs. They asked the skilled printers available today to print the "Heisei" edition with the at most care. Although "Heisei" edition prints are later-printing edition, they amply convey the beauty of the original edition and are worthy of your attention.


Artist's seal, "Toyonari", on the bottom left margin.

Originally in 1924, this "Heisei" edition was made after 1988.


Woodblock print.

Very good ... Later printing after 1988 from the original blocks.

Excellent ... Mica on the background.

Excellent - very good.

A square "Watanabe" (Heisei seal) on the left margin. Watanabe round 7 mm copyright seal on the bottom right corner. This design is in the collections of the Toledo Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Art Boston, etc.

11.4 inches = 29.0 cm

16.1 inches = 41.0 cm

10.4 inches = 26.5 cm

15.2 inches = 38.5 cm

Newland, Amy R.; and S. Hamanaka, "The Female Image: 20th Century Prints of Japanese Beauties", Leiden: Hotei, 2000, ISBN 90 74822 20 7, - Pg. 90, Pl. 113

Toyonari Yamamura - 1885-1942.

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