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Famous Places of Tokyo - Tokyo Meisho Zue - Gohonmatsu

Kiyochika Kobayashi 1847-1915

Kiyochika Kobayashi 1847-1915


Kiyochika Kobayashi 1847-1915
Kiyochika Kobayashi studied western style and Japanese style oil painting. Later he turned to woodblock printing. During the Sino-Japanese war he depicted many war scenes on Ukiyo-e. His style is a synthesis of Western and Japanese painting style. His works showed the strong influence of Western perspectives, changes of lights and mainly night effects. He is considered the last of the important Ukiyo-e print makers.

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Famous Places of Tokyo - Tokyo Meisho Zue - Gohonmatsu - Famous series.

Kiyochika Kobayashi 1847-1915

From the series, "Tokyo Meisho-zu" (Pictures of the Famous Places in Tokyo). "Gohon-matsu, Ugetsu". The faint moonlight peeks out from the clouds at Gohon-matsu (Five Pines) on the Sumida river bank in a rainy evening.
The series was made during 1876 - 1881 using "kosen-e" style, which Kiyochika had been famous for.
He used the traditional ukiyoe style emphasizing asymmetrical composition and simplified forms. In the same works he used also Western perspective, cast shadows and often shading for modelling. His prints were based on wate rcolour sketches. He imitated thin, overlapping washes or sometimes the hatchings and scribblings of a pencil. These style clearly owed much to Western-style painting and photography.

"Kobayashi Kiyochika" on the bottom right. "Kobayashi Kiyochika" is printed on the right margin as the artist.


Fukuda Kumajiro.

Woodblock print.



Good ... Slightly creased. A repaired vertical center fold. Slight foxing and slight soiling on the margins.

13.6 inches = 34.5 cm

9.3 inches = 23.6 cm

War Prints by Kiyochika Kobayashi.
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