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Kamuro arriving

Manjiro Asaka 1885-1965

Manjiro Asaka 1885-1965


Manjiro Asaka 1885-1965
Manjiro ASAKA (or ASAGA) was born in Kyoto and was the second elder brother of the famous sosaku hanga artist, MAEKAWA Senpan. Although he was active in sosaku hanga circle as his brother, he was more interested in the traditional Japanese motives such as Noh theater, Otsu-e.

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Kamuro arriving

Manjiro Asaka 1885-1965

A kamuro (assistant for a courtesan), dressed in traditional kimono and hair ornaments, arrived at a festival. A palanquin, in which she was riding, is still parked behind her.

"Manji" on the bottom right.

Ca. 1948.

Woodblock print.

Carved and printed by the artist.

Excellent - Very Good ... Parts of Kimono and Obi are printed in gold coloured metallic pigments. Hair ornament in multi-coloured metallic pigments.

Very good ... Slight foxing. Slightly creased.

10.6 inches = 27.0 cm

17.7 inches = 45.0 cm

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