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Cockscomb - Keitou

Tomoo Inagaki 1902-1980

Tomoo Inagaki 1902-1980


Inagaki Tomoo was born in Tokyo. He studied under Koshiro Onchi and Unichi Hiratsuka. After the Pacific war, Inagaki was represented in the Paris, Tokyo and Lugano print biennales. The artist is best known for his images of cats in modern style.

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Cockscomb - Keitou - Before W.W. II.

Tomoo Inagaki 1902-1980

"Keitou" (Cockscomb).

"To" on the bottom left.


Woodblock print.

Very good.

Very good.

Very good ... Paper toning. Slightly soiled.

6.6 inches = 16.7 cm

9.3 inches = 23.5 cm

Sosaku Hanga.
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