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Brocades of the Capital - The Seasons and Their Fashions - No. 3. Summer

Toshikata Mizuno 1866-1908

Toshikata Mizuno 1866-1908


Toshikata Mizuno 1866-1908
Toshikata Mizuno studied the art of woodblock making with Taiso Yoshitoshi from the early age of 13, later Japanese style painting with Watanabe Shotei. At the age of 20 he became a porcelain painter. He later worked as an illustrator and print maker. Toshikata Mizuno produced many Sino-Japanese war prints. Other preferred subjects were beautiful women, children and kuchi-e.
74167 - Brocades of the Capital - The Seasons and Their Fashions - No. 3. Summer
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Brocades of the Capital - The Seasons and Their Fashions - No. 3. Summer - Privately commissioned by Mitsukoshi.

Toshikata Mizuno 1866-1908

"Mitsukoshi Gonomi; Miyako no Nishiki" (Brocades of the Capital). "Especially made for Mitsui-Gofukuten; The Seasons and Their Fashions". No. 3. Summer. "Keeping off Cloth Moths".
This series of 12 designs was commissioned originally by Mitsui Clothing Store. The Mitsui group (It has two well-known subsidiaries today. Mitsukoshi department store and Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank) had been originated from the large dry goods store, Echigoya founded in 1673. It changed its name to "Mitsui Gofuku" in 1893. In order to promote its new image, they commissioned this delightful 12 family portraits to Toshikata.
Mitsui Clothing Store changed its name again to "Mitsukoshi" in 1904. They made another edition, this time under the name "Mitsukoshi". The edition by "Mitsukoshi" was featured in the reference book of the Muller Collection, "The New Wave".

"Mizuno Toshikata" is printed as the artist on the index. "Toshikata" on the lower right.

Artist's seal.


Akiyama Buemon (Kokkeido) for Mitsukoshi.

Woodblock print.

Excellent - Very good.

Excellent - very good ... Silver metallic pigment.

Very good ... Light toning. Slight creases, slight soils on the margins. Slight discolorations along the edges. A vertical center fold as usual for the ori-hon (accordion) format album. Backed.

13.6 inches = 34.5 cm

9.6 inches = 24.5 cm

Reigle-Stephens, Amy, "The New Wave: Twentieth Century Japanese Prints from the Robert O. Muller Collection", London and Leiden: Bamboo Publishing Ltd. and Hotei, ISBN 1-870076-19-2, - pg. 92. This series described.

Toshikata Mizuno - 1866-1908.
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