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Grapes in a Fruit Bowl

Koshiro Onchi 1891-1955

Koshiro Onchi 1891-1955


Koshiro Onchi was born into a talented artistic family. His father was a master of calligraphy and a painter himself. Koshiro began to study oil painting and sculpture at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1910. In 1913 he established a magazine for poetry, sukubue, which he used as a platform to publish his own print works. Koshiro Onchi played a major role in promoting the sosaku hanga movement. He became a leading member in several artist associations, exhibited in all major exhibitions and contributed regularly to newspapers and magazines. .

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Grapes in a Fruit Bowl - Before W.W.II.

Koshiro Onchi 1891-1955

"Suika" (Fruit). Blue grapes in a cut-glass fruit bowl. The glass bowl is printed with mica to express its transparency.
Koshiro Onch was the leading Sosaku Hanga artist and art theorist . In 1939, he founded the First Thursday Society (Ichimokukai), which was crucial to the postwar revival of the sôsaku hanga movement.
The society held artist gatherings once a month in Onchi’s house. Members such as Gen Yamaguchi (1896–1976) and Junichirô Sekino (1914–1988) discussed subjects of prints. The American connoisseurs Ernst Hacker, William Hartnett and Oliver Statler also attended.

"Ko" in Japanese embossed on the lower left (hard to see on the image). "Onchi Koshiro saku" printed on the back.



Woodblock print.

Very good ... Embossed.

Very good ... Mica is applied on the glass bowl.

Very Good ... Lightly toned. Slightly creased. Slight foxing. Slight ink stains. Slight moisture stain along the right side of the top edge.

13.4 inches = 34.0 cm

9.8 inches = 24.8 cm

Koshiro Onchi - 1891-1955.

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