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Ex libris - Bird, Apple Girl, Dining Party

Senpan Maekawa 1888-1960

Senpan Maekawa 1888-1960


Senpan Maekawa 1888-1960
Maekawa Senpan was born as the son of a shopkeeper family in Kyoto. He studied art and took a job as a cartoonist for a satirical magazine. Later he had even a cartoon series of his own in a Sunday newspaper about a clumsy bear. Maekawa Senpan made his first print in Sosaku Hanga style in 1919. After the end of the Pacific war he became famous with prints in cheerful colors showing customs and festivities of the common people in the countryside.

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Ex libris - Bird, Apple Girl, Dining Party - 3 prints.

Senpan Maekawa 1888-1960

Rokushu Mizufune 1912-1980

Ex-libris or book plate are a label identifying the owner of a book. Many of these labels are decorative. Lots of artists have designed ex-libris for private individuals or for the commercial uses.
(1)Evening Dinner party in the Nagasaki-e style. The design was made for the private library of S. Kagayama. Size: 76 x 93 mm. Artist's name is unknown.
(2)Village girl holding apples. Ex-libris for the library of S. Kagayama. Size: 75 x 95 mm. Artist is Senpan Maekawa.
(3)Abstract bird is in green field. An ex-libris for the library of Kamata. Size: 67 x 80 mm. Artist is Rokuro Mizufune.

Ca. 1960 - 70s.

Nippon Ex-libris Association.

Woodblock print.

Very good.

Excellent - Very good.

Excellent - Very good.

3.0 inches = 7.6 cm

3.7 inches = 9.3 cm

Maekawa Senpan - - 1888-1960.

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