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53 Stations of Tokaido - Mitsuke

Junichiro Sekino 1914-1988

Junichiro Sekino 1914-1988


Junichiro Sekino 1914-1988
Junichiro Sekino was one of the leading figures of the Sosaku Hanga movement. After World War II he won wide recognition in the USA. In 1963 he taught at the Ohio State University and in 1965 at the Kobe University in Japan. The style of Junichiro Sekino has a large variety - from realistic to semi-abstract.
73655 - 53 Stations of Tokaido - Mitsuke
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53 Stations of Tokaido - Mitsuke

Junichiro Sekino 1914-1988

From the series, "Tokaido Fifty-three Stations" (Fifty-three Stations of Tokaido). No. 29. "Mitsuke". "Kawa Ishigaki". Stone Embankment Along the River
Sekino started a large project "The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido" in 1959 which was finally completed in 1974. The bold compositions and dazzling woodblock printing techniques in the series were highly praised. Using woodblock print, also a traditional Japanese art, Sekino reintroduced the old subject "the 53 stations of Tokaido" to the public with the fresh, modern interpretation. Sekino received "the Ministry of Education Award" in 1975 for his achievement.

"Jun. Sekino" in pencil on the bottom right.

Artist's seal.


Woodblock print.

Very good ... Printed on "Jun Sekino" watermarked paper.

Excellent - very good.

Very good ... Margins are lightly creased. The stains from the mounting residues backside are slightly visible on the front of the margins.

21.7 inches = 55.0 cm

16.7 inches = 42.5 cm

17.9 inches = 45.5 cm

12.8 inches = 32.5 cm

Junichiro Sekino 1914-1988.
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