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Item 74014 - Silver Pavilion in Snow
"Ginkakuji" (Silver Pavilion) on a snowy day.
Item 74014 - Tomikichiro Tokuriki 1902-1999
Item 74014 - Thank you for Bidding.theaters
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Silver Pavilion in Snow

"Ginkakuji" (Silver Pavilion) on a snowy day.

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Tomikichiro Tokuriki is one of the members of the Sosaku Hanga movement. He was born in Kyoto where he attended the School of Fine Arts and Crafts. After World War II he established his own publishing company, Matsukyo Publishing Company.
Tomikichiro's family had been an artist linage, which was responsible for the art department of Hogan temple for 12 generations. Tojuriki Zensetsu (1599 - 1680) was in the father's linage and Kyosei Shoseki for the grandfather of his mother. He was a popular teacher of the woodblock printing on NHK Osaka and Kyoto programs. His effort was recognized by the medal "Kyoto -fu Tokubetsu Bunka Koro Sho" (Special Contribution to the Culture of Kyoto) by Kyoto Municipal Government in 1992, "Ukiyo-e Gekisho Sho" by Japan Ukiyo-e Association in 1996. .

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"Tomi" on the top right.

Artist's seal.

Ca. 1970 - 80s.

Woodblock print

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