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Item 72464 - Picture Learning Album by Seiho - Lily
From the series "Seiho Shuga Cho" (Seiho's Picture Learning Album), Vol.3. A lily.
Item 72464 - Seiho Takeuchi 1864-1942
Item 72464 - Picture Learning Album by Seiho - Lily - by Seiho Takeuchi 1864-1942
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Picture Learning Album by Seiho - Lily

First edition.

From the series "Seiho Shuga Cho" (Seiho's Picture Learning Album), Vol.3. A lily.

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Seiho Takeuchi was a leading painter and print maker in Kyoto. From 1900 to 1901 he travelled in Europe. Later he became a teacher at the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts and Crafts. In the 1930s Takeuchi was appointed a member of the Imperial Art Academy and received the Order of Cultural Merit in 1937.

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Measures & Condition

9.3 inches = 23.5 cm

6.9 inches = 17.5 cm

Very good ... First edition.

Very good.

Very good ... Slightly creased. A dent on the top edge. Discolorations along the left and bottom edges.

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Artist's seal.


Murakami Kanbei and Yamada Naosaburo, the founder of Unsodo.

Woodblock print


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