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Item 71303 - Branch (II) - Koeda
"Koeda - II" ("Branch - II"). A girl is wearing a fox mask and carrying a wisteria branch.
Item 71303 - Ryusei Okamoto born 1949
Item 71303 - Branch (II) - Koeda - by Ryusei Okamoto born 1949
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Branch (II) - Koeda

"Koeda - II" ("Branch - II"). A girl is wearing a fox mask and carrying a wisteria branch.

Ryusei Okamoto's teacher, Toshi Yoshida, said about his student, "Mr. Okamoto is unique, a fact which I would like the world to know. He is in my view one of the best Japanese printmakers of his generation. ".

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Ryusei Okamotocamera_rollbrush

born 1949

Ryusei Okamoto is a contemporary Japanese artist working in woodblock technique. His prints are signed in Western characters, dated and numbered. Ryusei Okamoto was a student of Toshi Yoshida. The artist has exhibited at the prestigious CWAJ prints shows in Tokyo.

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Measures & Condition

8.1 inches = 20.5 cm

10.4 inches = 26.5 cm

5.9 inches = 15.0 cm

8.3 inches = 21.0 cm

Excellent ... Carved and printed by the artist.

Excellent ... Pure gold leaf is applied on the background.

Excellent - very good.

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"Y. Okamoto" in pencil on the bottom margin.


Woodblock print

Ryusei Okamoto - Studio.camera_rollbrush

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