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How Can I bid?

Item # 68024 - Two Mallard Ducks and the Moon - Sold for $360 - 4/23/2017
Two mallard ducks are flying in front of the full moon.

The artelino archive offers a database of more than 50,000 sold Japanese prints with detailed descriptions, large images and results. artelino clients with an active purchase history and authorized consignors of artelino have full access to our archive. Read the archive guide and test a trial version.
By Koson Ohara 1877-1945

Step by step

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  2. If you have an account but without your payment information, please login and submit your payment details.
  3. You have an account and do not know if you are eligible to bid? Login to your account and check your status. You select STATUS from the menu of section SERVICE.
  4. We verify all registrations and credit card submissions personally and clear your account by hand. This procedure may take from a few minutes up to 8 hours.
  5. You can bid.

How to Place a Bid?

At session start you should alway log in to your account. Thus the web site recognizes you and dynamically adjusts the navigation menues precisely to your access rights.

For login and logout use the Account Iconaccount_circle on top right of each artelino page. After successful login go to one of the auction catalogs, select your favorite item and click on the PLACE BID button. The rest is a charm. Just remember. Always log in first when you want to view the auction catalog or want to bid.

How can I pay?

artelino accepts American Express, Mastercard and VISA. After your first purchase we accept also Paypal and bank transfer.

Anything I Must Do at Auction End?

About 10-30 minutes after auction end all bidders of an auction receive a programmed notification. If you are among the successful bidders, please verify if your home and shipment address are correct. If not, make necessary changes by logging to your account within 10 hours after auction end.

We do the rest, and confirm everything by email. Relax!

How Much Do You Charge?

We charge the hammered price of your winning item(s) and the buyer's commission of currently 20% of the final hammered price.

If you opted for immediate shipping, we charge the shipping fee.

Buyers from an EU member state pay VAT (value added tax). For details see taxes. Shipments to non-EU member states like the United States of America or Switzerland are not subject to VAT.

No or Reduced Commission?

To make your auction experience exciting and honor early bidding and regular participation in our auctions, artelino usually offers a variety of goodies.

Early Bird Bonus

You pay a reduced buyer's commission of 10% instead of 20% if you place at least 3 bids on items not yet taken within the first 36 hours. The reduced commission is applied for ALL your wins at auction end. You recognize if the early bird period is valid by a little icon star and usually a text on top of the catalog pages.

Featured Items

If you are the winner at auction end on a FEATURED print, you pay no commission or only a very reduced commission at auction end on ALL your wins. You recognize a featured item by a little icon. favorite

How to Get a Free Shipment

Total Value at least $1,000

We ship art prints of shipment class SX (circa 90% of all Japanese prints) for free if the total value of your purchases is above $1,000.

Total Value at least $3,000

We ship for free if the total value of your purchases is above $3,000 - no matter which sizes or which destination country.

Minimum values are calculated as the totals of all hammered prices plus commission. Total value may be accumulated over several auctions (HOLD option) up to 6 months. Free shipments are not available for Priority Shipping.

What is Consolidated Shipping?

On your request we hold your purchases from several auctions back up to 6 months and ship consolidated when you ask us to do so. We calculate the consolidated shipment as one order. If the total value of your consolidated shipping reaches certain minimum values and does not include very large prints, you may even get a free shipment.

May I Return an Item?

You may return an item and you do not have to specify a reason. But quite frankly, we do not like returns. Returns are too costly for us. Therefore we possibly may terminate the business relationship with you after the second return or earlier. This does not apply if we made a gross mistake in our descriptions (happens rarely, but it does happen every now and then).

What is the Maximum Bid?

The Bidding Page automatically shows the lowest valid bid. But you may select a higher bid than currently necessary to protect yourself against outbidding - especially the infamous last minute counterbidding. This is called maximum bid or proxy bid or absentee bid. The system will bid for you but only when it is necessary and only with the necessary minimum increment and only up to the maximum bid that you specified.

Can I Retract a Bid?

Only over my dead body. If you are in doubt about an item, please DO NOT BID.

First-Time Bidders

The maximum amount of successful bids is limited to $1,500 for a first-time bidder. This limitation no longer applies after your first successful auction with your first purchase.

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