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New Prints by Zhu Rui, born 1970

July 2009: Mr. Zhu Rui has finished four new designs in reduction woodblock technique. Two new landscapes in large format in the style of designs like 'Dongchuan Impressions' and two smaller formats dealing with a different subject and in nearly abstract composition. It looks like Mr. Zhu Rui is testing new grounds.

Well Established Artist from the Yunnan Art School

Mr. Zhu Rui is a leading Chinese painter and printmaker. He works preferably in the technique of reduction woodblock prints. He was selected several times for the top Chinese print show, the National Chinese Print Exhibitions that takes place every 1-2 years, and he won several awards. In 2009 the art print titled "Days of Light, Cloud and Wind" was acquired by the International Olympic Committee.

Zhu Rui works as a professional artist at Qujing Art Institute in Yunnan. The artist's works are typical for the Yunnan Art School.

Wind Goes By - Woodblock Print

Reduction woodblock print. Size: 139cm by 100cm. This is one of the largest prints created by Zhu Rui so far. It shows a typical landscape from Yunnan province, China.

Moving Wind - Woodblock Print

Also 'Moving Wind' was made in the technique of a reduction woodblock print. The size is 105cm by 75cm. The design and execution is full of vigor. One can feel how a strong wind is pushing scattered clouds over the horizon.

City Memory - Woodblock Print

This print is smaller with 40 by 61 cm. Zhu Rui has entered new ground with this design. To our knowledge he has never before picked up the theme of 'city' in his art works. And secondly, this design shows a degree of abstraction that we have not seen among the artist's works before.

Free - Woodblock Print

Also "Free" is relatively small in size with 40 by 61cm. With this design Zhu Rui has left the figurative approach and shows us an abstract composition to express the feeling of "free".

Video with Mr. Zhu Rui

We got this wonderful video showing the artist at work in his studio. Enjoy it. it is beautiful.

Dieter WanczuraAuthor: Dieter Wanczura