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Zhang Ji - born 1969

Item # 32777 Camouflage
A line of Chinese soldiers are lying on the ground to shoot.
By Zhang Ji born 1982

Mr. Zhang Ji is a Yunnan artist with a Master of Fine Arts degree. He works mainly in the technique of reduction woodblock prints. The artist likes unusual subjects. The first prints that we received were a series of stones - masterly made. Zhang Ji has an excellent exhibition record with participation in the Major Chinese art exhibitions and a number of important awards.

Education and Training

Zhang Ji is currently (2007) an employed artist of Qujing Printmaking Institute. He was born in Huize of Yunnan Province in 1969. In 1991 he graduated from Yuxi Teacher's College and in 1999 from the Fine Arts Department of Yunnan Arts University.

In 2000 he finished his course of MFA (Master of Fine Arts) at Nanjing Arts University. Zhang Ji now works as a teacher of Qujing Teacher's College. He is a member of Yunnan Artists Association.

Exhibitions and Awards

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