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Tsuchiya Koitsu Catalog

Dr. Ross Walker has been known to collectors of Japanese prints from the shin hanga art movement for his online catalog of prints by Tsuchiya Koitsu. But many (like us) may have missed the publication of the book "The Catalogue Raisonné of Tsuchiya Koitsu" by Dr. Ross Walker and Mr. Toshikazu Doi in January of 2009. To wrap up: It is an awesome work and several times worth the money!

Publication of Tsuchiya Koitsu Catalog Raisonne

The book is a tremendous accomplishment that would never have been possible as a purely commercial project. Such a work can only be made available by personal devotion, enthusiasm and in many years of preparation.

At first encounter this catalog overwhelms you by its sheer size, its weight (4 kg) and the lush illustrations on high quality paper.

The Complete Catalog of Tsuchiya Koitsu

The catalog measures a respectable 26 x 30 centimeters, has a cloth hard cover and dust jacket and comes with a solid cloth slip case. It has 450 pages and more than 300 high-quality illustrations in full color. Most prints are shown on a full color page.

In addition to the print, watercolor and lithograph illustrations the catalog has comprehensive reference pages on seals, signatures and watermarks used on Tsuchiya Koitsu prints.

The book is written in English with a complete translation in Japanese. It was published by Dr. Ross Walker himself in December 2008 (Ohmi Gallery Publishing, Otsu City, Shiga, Japan) and has the ISBN 978-4-9904339-0-1.

The Authors

Dr. Ross F. Walker is a professor at the Department of Media Technology, School of Information Science, at Ritsumeikan University.

Mr. Toshikazu Doi is a member of the International Ukiyo-e Society of Japan, of Koishikawa Ukiyo-e Museum Study Group and of Edo Tokyo Museum Friendship Group. Mr. Toshikazu Doi made his bachelor degree in economics at the Department of Politics and Economics of Waseda University in 1972.

How Much Does It Cost?

By nature such a catalog cannot be cheap. At the time of publication of this article its price is $150 plus shipping - a more than reasonable price regarding the magnitude and the quality of this catalog.

Dieter WanczuraAuthor: Dieter Wanczura