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Item # 49141 - Spring Snow - Sold for $400 - 6/19/2011
"Shunsetsu" ("Spring Snow"). A village worker with a large basket and an umbrella on a snowy day. This design was made for the Robert O. Muller estate.
By Hiroaki (Shotei) Takahashi 1871-1945

The art prints by Shotei (Hiroaki Takahashi) have entered a new stage of public awareness since the death of the art dealer and collector Robert O. Muller in 2005. A large number of fine woodblock prints from the hand of this great shin hanga artist have become available for collectors and art friends. This page introduces a small part of Shotei's woodblock prints, popular designs in mitsugiri size, about 37cm x 16 cm = 14.5" by 6.2".

The Robert O. Muller Collection

With the death of Robert O. Muller one of the world's largest but also best collections of shin hanga prints came into the awareness of collectors of Japanese prints and art friends. A small part of circa 4,000 prints was bequeathed by his heirs to a museum - the renowned Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution.

Shotei and the Muller Collection

But by far the largest part by and by came into the market. And among these were many designs by Shotei (Hiroaki Takahashi) - beautiful designs until then little or even unknown. In the beginning these designs fetched very high prices. Later things calmed down a bit for certain designs which had been amassed by the late Robert O. Muller in very large numbers. Recently demand and prices have gone up again - some designs even distinctively. The "material" coming from the Muller estate is now slowly nearing its end.

Popular Woodblock Prints in Mitsugiri Size by Shotei

We show on this page woodblock prints by Shotei in mitsugiri size - about 37cm x 16 cm = 14.5" by 6.2". This is no complete collection but a selection of prints coming from Robert O. Muller Estate that were sold by us in the past.

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Gallery of Shotei Prints

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