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Chizuko Yoshida - born 1924

By Chizuko Yoshida - born 1924

Butterflies at Dawn

Butterflies at Dawn

Chizuko Yoshida is an important visual artist of the Yoshida family. She was married to Hodaka Yoshida, Hiroshi Yoshida second eldest son, in 1954. Chizuko Yoshida made herself a name as a printmaker and painter. Today her art works are in prestigious museums all over the world.

Student of Fumio Kitaoka

Chizuko Yoshida was born in Yokohama. She had studied art with the famous printmaker and painter Fumio Kitaoka.

After her studies the artist became successful in Japan and outside the country. Together with her husband Hodaka Yoshida (1887-1987) Chizuko held exhibitions, or they travelled all over the world - a passion they had inherited with Hodaka's father, Hiroshi Yoshida and which also Hodaka's brother Toshi Yoshida shared.

Chizuko had helped in the foundation and support of several artist associations in Japan. She attended the annual College Women of Japan exhibitions every year.

Technique and Style of Chizuko Yoshida

Chizuko Yoshida works in the technique of woodblock prints. She prefers natural subjects taken from nature like butterflies that she arranges to all kinds of decorative shapes. Sometimes her subject look a bit abstract. This 'flirting' with abstract art has a certain tradition with the Yoshida family. Toshi Yoshida was the first to explore in this, but only after his father's death. He knew that his dad would not have appreciated it.

Chizuko's woodcut prints are usually limited editions and signed by the artist.


Art works by Chizuko Yohida are to be found in a number of renowned art museums all over the world.

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