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Our Art Products      Our Portfolio.

Short presentation of the art products offered by artelino - Japanese prints from all periods, modern Chinese prints, Tibetan rugs, Nepal metal statues and Tibetan thangkas (Buddhist paintings on scroll).
Our Art Products    For feedback contact us.

About Registration      The Essentials.

Dieter Wanczura, the owner of artelino company, gives a wrap-up of all you should know about the registration on artelino - the procedure, your payment options, security and how we handle your data.
Essentials of Registration    For feedback contact us.

Ryosaku Ito      The Magic Flute and more.

Ryosaku Ito, born 1941, is a member of the Japanese artist association Shunyokai and of the French "Salon d'Automne". His speciality are woodblock prints about European musical themses. His favorite composer is Mozart and his favorite opera is "The Magic Flute".
Japanese painter and printmaker Ryosaku Ito    For feedback contact us.

Chinese Printmaker Dai Jia      Young Emerging Chinese Female Artist.

We present the young Chinese printmaker Dai Jia, born in 1985 in Jiangxi province. She was a student of Zhang Minjie. With her graduation in 2007 she has become well-known with a woodblock series depicting traditional Chinese vases with playing children.
Dai Jia    For feedback contact us.

Kunio Kaneko      Printmaker from Tokyo.

We present Kunio Kaneko, Japanese printmaker born in 1949. Kunio Kaneko creates elaborate woodblock prints of very Japanese subjects in superior technique and with lush featueres like colors with gold and silver pigments.
Woodblock Prints by Kunio Kaneko    For feedback contact us.

Paul Binnie Biography      Leading Artist in Japanese Woodblock Prints.

Paul Binnie was born in Scotland in 1967. Although Scottish, he is today one of the most important artists in "Japanese" woodblock printmaking.
Paul Binnie Video    For feedback contact us.

Tom Kristensen      Australian Moku Hanga Artists.

Short presentation of Australian woodblock printmaker in Japanese 'moku hanga' style. His methods, tools and materials and his series so far including the latest design from the Barack Obama series.
Woodblock Prints by Tom Kristensen    For feedback contact us.

Robert O. Muller Collection      Famous Collection of Shin Hanga.

Robert O. Muller was a dealer and collector of Japanese prints. When he passed away on April 10, 2003, he had amassed one of the largest and best collection of Japanese shin hanga that the world has ever seen.
Robert O. Muller Collection    For feedback contact us.

Sosaku Hanga      Japanese Art Movements.

Sosaku Hanga was a Japanese art movement that began around 1910. Its focus was the Western ideal of the artist as a creative genius.
Sosaku Hanga - an Introduction    For feedback contact us.

Shin Hanga      Successful Japanese Art Movement.

Shin hanga was a Japanese art movement that set in around 1910. It was a renewal of the old ukiyo-e tradition but modernized with Western elements.
Shin Hanga - a Japanese art movement    For feedback contact us.

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