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Climb Mount Fuji with Goro  View video.   Google for Climb Mount Fuji with Goro.  Search BING for Climb Mount Fuji with Goro.

Climb the top of Mount Fuji together with the hero of the film named Goro. Breathtaking views from the top of the sacred mountain and into the crater. Duration: circa 10 minutes. Credit and thanks to Sirowan for sharing this with us.

Goro climbed Mount Fuji.

Utamaro Kitagawa Revealed  View artist short biography.  View video.   225 sold items for Utamaro Kitagawa in our archive.  Google for Utamaro Kitagawa Revealed.  Search BING for Utamaro Kitagawa Revealed.

Nice slide show by by Gina Collia-Suzuki at the occasion of the publication of her book about Utamaro Kitagawa: Utamaro Kitagawa Revealed.

Book Presentation.

100 Views of China  View video.   Google for 100 Views of China.  Search BING for 100 Views of China.

Hundred Views of China is a series of woodblock prints that was created as a Sino-Japanese friendship project. The project lasted from 1980 to 1986 and finally 100 woodblock prints showing 100 famous places in China had been created by Chinese printmakers and published in Japan.

Japanese-Chinese Project.

Sacred Mount Fuji - Documentary  View video.   Google for Sacred Mount Fuji - Documentary.  Search BING for Sacred Mount Fuji - Documentary.

Beautiful documentary about Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain, eternalized in many Japanese paintings and prints. This Youtube video is kept in well pronounced and easy to understand English. Thanks for sharing this with us.

3,776 m (12,388 ft) high.

Paul Binnie in New York  View artist short biography.  View video.   275 sold items for Paul Binnie in our archive.  Artist has 1 items in current auction.  Google for Paul Binnie in New York.  Search BING for Paul Binnie in New York.

See Paul Binnie explaining his woodblocks himself in a video made by Japan Society of New York. Thanks to Paul Binnie and thanks to the Japan Society of New York for sharing this video with us.

Leading Artist in Japanese Woodblock Prints.

Poon Shu - Chinese Painter  View artist short biography.  View video.   Google for Poon Shu - Chinese Painter.  Search BING for Poon Shu - Chinese Painter.

Poon Shu is a Chinese emerging female artist. Her paintings represent a new art movement in China called 'Generation Cartoon'. The video shows her at work in her studio.

Generation Comics.

Woodblock Printmaking by Zhu Rui  View artist short biography.  View video.   31 sold items for Zhu Rui in our archive.  Google for Woodblock Printmaking by Zhu Rui.  Search BING for Woodblock Printmaking by Zhu Rui.

Chinese printmaker Zhu Rui, born 1970, demonstrates how he makes a woodblock print. This is our first video from China showing a contemporary artist at work. Especially interesting because you can see the specific Chinese tradition of printing which is slightly different from the Japanese method. BTW, compare this video with the images of Zhu Rui in his Studio!.

I have seen it over and over again, and I love this video. - Dieter

You must see this!

Emiko Aida  View video.   Google for Emiko Aida.  Search BING for Emiko Aida.

Kurze Vorstellung von Grafiken - Aquatints und Farbholzschnitten - der japanisch-britischen K√ľnstlerin Emiko Aida, in Japan geboren und jetzt zu Hause in London.

Aquatints und Holzschnitte.

Emiko Aida  View artist short biography.  View video.   25 sold items for Emiko Aida in our archive.  Google for Emiko Aida.  Search BING for Emiko Aida.

Short presentation of print works by Emiko Aida, a female painter and printmaker born in Japan and now at home in London.

Aquatints and Woodblocks.

Welcome at artelino  View video.   Google for Welcome at artelino.  Search BING for Welcome at artelino.

A welcome message by Dieter Wanczura, the owner and manager of the artelino company.

Greetings from Icking in Bavaria.

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