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Akio Onda born 1924

Seal Name: (unread)

Akira Fujie born 1950

Signature Name: Akira Fujiie

Akira Nakano born 1938

Signature Name: Akira Nakano


Seal Name: Watanabe Heisei Seal

Heisei seal. "Watanabe" is spelled in hiragana alphabet. It is stamped on the margins of some reprints made after 1989 by Publisher Watanabe.


Seal Name: Toshidama Seal

Toshidama seal. It was stamped along with the names of some Utagawa School artists.


Seal Name: watanabe (square copyright seal)

Publisher Watanabe Square Copyright Seal: This stamp is rarely seen. The possible purposes. (1) It was used by publisher Watanabe for the prints selected as a gift. (2) The abbreviated stamp used during the war time while the Watanabe took a shelter in the country side.


Seal Name: Takamizawa Tadao seisaku

Publisher Takamizawa

Ashihiro Harukawa active 1816-24

Signature Name: Ashihiro ga

Ashihiro Harukawa active 1816-24

Signature Name: Ashihiro ga

Ashiyuki Gigado active 1813-1833

Seal Name: not read

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