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Ado Sato born 1936  View short biography of Ado Sato.  Google for Ado Sato.  Search BING for Ado Sato.

Ado Sato is best known for his silkscreens. There he selects a fixed framework for each composition. By analyzing his silkcreened colors you can see, that they are as precise as his designs are circumscribed. .


Ah Fong active 1850/1860s  2 sold items for Ah Fong in our archive.  View short biography of Ah Fong.  Google for Ah Fong.  Search BING for Ah Fong.

Ah Fong had a photographic studio in Hong Kong in the 1850s and 1860s.


Ai Cheng Zhi born 1938  2 sold items for Ai Cheng Zhi in our archive.  View short biography of Ai Cheng Zhi.  Google for Ai Cheng Zhi.  Search BING for Ai Cheng Zhi.

Ai Cheng Zhi was born in 1938 in Anhui province. He graduated from Anhui Art College. After his graduation Ai Cheng Zhi has worked for the Anhui Cultural Center. He is member of Chinese Artists' Association. The speciality of Ai Cheng Zhi are multi-colored woodblock prints.

Modern Chinese.

Aizo Tsuji 1895-1964  Google for Aizo Tsuji.  Search BING for Aizo Tsuji.

Akemi Inagaki born 1933  11 sold items for Akemi Inagaki in our archive.  View short biography of Akemi Inagaki.  Google for Akemi Inagaki.  Search BING for Akemi Inagaki.

Akemi Inagaki was born in Tokyo in 1933. Her teacher was Hiroyuki Tajima. The preferred technique of Akemi Inagaki is woodblock prints. Her art works are characterized by a tranquil elegance and by a restriction to very few colors which are however displayed in many shades.

Woodblock prints.

Akimitsu Tomonaga born 1944  View short biography of Akimitsu Tomonaga.  Google for Akimitsu Tomonaga.  Search BING for Akimitsu Tomonaga.

Akimitsu TOMONAGA was born in Kochi prefecture. He studied puppet theater art in Australia. He coordinated the art production for the very popular puppet theater series, "Story of Prin Prin" by NHK (Japan Broadcast Company) for long time. He is a lecturer of Asahi Culture Center. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions for his theater art, woodblock prints and wood carvings.

Painter, illustrator, puppet maker.

Akio Onda born 1924  37 sold items for Akio Onda in our archive.  View short biography of Akio Onda.  Read article: Biography of Akio Onda  Akio Onda at Saru Gallery.  Signatures by this artist.  Google for Akio Onda.  Search BING for Akio Onda.

Akio Onda graduated in 1956 from Musashino Art Collecge. He had studied under Munakata Shiko and was greatly influenced by him. The artist had his first one man shows at the renowned Yoseido Gallery and Tanseido Gallery in Tokyo in 1969 and 1970. Akio Onda works in woodblock technique and uses similar methods as his teacher such as painting or printing from verso.

Pupil of Munakata Shiko.

Akio Yamao 2nd half of 20th C.  1 sold items for Akio Yamao in our archive.  Google for Akio Yamao.  Search BING for Akio Yamao.

Akio Yoshino born 1948  1 sold items for Akio Yoshino in our archive.  Google for Akio Yoshino.  Search BING for Akio Yoshino.

Japanese Artist.

Akira Fujie born 1950  3 sold items for Akira Fujie in our archive.  View short biography of Akira Fujie.  Google for Akira Fujie.  Search BING for Akira Fujie.

Akira Fujie was born in Tokyo. After several successful group and solo exhibitions in the 70s, he went for two years to France from 1980 to 1982. Today Akira Fujie works as a successful artist and illustrator. His print style is marked by nature subjects against a dark blackground.

Contemporary Japanese.

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