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Nobuo Sato born 1926        Drop biography of Nobuo Sato.

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Nobuo Satoh was born in Yokohama city. He graduated from an engineering school in Yokohama, but apparently did not have any formal art education. But since he received the promising new artist award from Kokuga-kai in 1964, he has been active in solo shows and exhibitions inside and outside of Japan. (eg.) Kokuga award from Kokugakai Exhibition in 1965. Krakow International Print Biennale 1966. Invitation artist for the China - Japan Art Exhibition 1979, Switzerland International Print Triennale 1985. His works are in the collections of Aichi Prefecture Art Museum, New York Modern Art Museum, Honolulu Art Museum, Rozo Municipal Art Museum Poland, IGAS (International Print Association), etc..    For feedback contact us.

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