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Giovanni Berio Ligustro  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: Biography Giovanni Berio Ligustro  5 sold items for Ligustro (Giovanni Berio) in our archive.  Google for Giovanni Berio Ligustro.  Search BING for Giovanni Berio Ligustro.

It is astonishing, if not sensational. Neither we at artelino nor to our knowledge the worldwide community of collectors and dealers of Japanese prints seems to know Ligustro, a printmaker born in 1924 in Italy. But one day in 2015 his son Francesco Berio contacted us. And slowly we began to learn about one of the most astonishing moku hanga artists.

A discovery.

BIG TIME - By Zheng Jianhui  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: About the BIG TIME series.  79 sold items for Zheng Jianhui in our archive.  Google for BIG TIME - By Zheng Jianhui.  Search BING for BIG TIME - By Zheng Jianhui.

Zheng Jianhui is an exceptional young Chinese printmaker with an impressive number of awards. In 2014 he started a series of woodblock prints titled BIG TIME. This article introduces the series and shows photos from the process of creating BIG TIME. Zheng Jianhui works in traditional Chinese woodblock printmaking technique.

Latest Series by the Artist.

Care of Art Prints  Read article by artelino: Care of Art Prints  Google for Care of Art Prints.  Search BING for Care of Art Prints.

An immense number of art prints are destroyed every year by a lack of knowledge about the proper care and conservation of art prints. This article gives some advice for proper care.

Tips for Collectors and Art Friends.

Zhang Liufeng - born 1979  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: Resumé Zhang Liufeng  11 sold items for Zhang Liufeng in our archive.  Google for Zhang Liufeng - born 1979.  Search BING for Zhang Liufeng - born 1979.

Mr. Zhang Liufeng's art works are characterized by a very distinctive style. These lithographs have an athmosphere of its own. The people that are shown in such series like "Fortress Besieged" look so real but somehow lost and left alone. For us at artelino these images are still not yet interpreted. But they have have a mesmerizing charm that is hard to describe.

Contemporary Chinese Art.

Chris van Otterloo  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: Biography of Chris van Otterloo  61 sold items for Chris van Otterloo in our archive.  Google for Chris van Otterloo.  Search BING for Chris van Otterloo.

It is not only the Americans like Daniel Kelly or Sarah Brayer or the French like Paul Jacoulet who came to Japan to learn the art of artistic printmaking. Also a Dutchman stepped into this path. His name is Chris van Otterloo. He became the only student that the famous etching master Ryohei Tanaka ever took. Today Chris van Otterloo's works are to be found in such museums like the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Student of Ryohei Tanaka.

Emperor Meiji - 1852-1912  Read article by artelino: Emperor Meiji and his Time.  Google for Emperor Meiji - 1852-1912.  Search BING for Emperor Meiji - 1852-1912.

He was only 15 years old when he ascended the Japanese throne in 1868. When he died in 1912, Japan had risen from a feudal country to a powerful Asian nation shaped after Western patterns. Although emperor Meiji never executed real power, he became the figurehead of the new era named after him.

Figurehead of a New Era.

Ma Yi - Resumé  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: Artist Resumé Mi Ya  Google for Ma Yi - Resumé.  Search BING for Ma Yi - Resumé.

Mi Ya is a contemporary Chinese freelance artist from Songzhuang. Recently she has drawn the attention of art aficionados and art critics with a series of actor scenes from the traditional Chinese opera.

Artist from Songzhuang Village.

Gong Yuan - Resumé  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: Artist Resumé Gong Yuan  Google for Gong Yuan - Resumé.  Search BING for Gong Yuan - Resumé.

When we encountered the art of Mr. Gong Yuan for the first time, we saw two rather different styles. There are portraits in a quite specific technique that we have not seen before. And finally there are paintings of cartoon characters following a recent Chinese art movement called 'generation cartoon'.

Artist from Songzhuang Village.

Koichi Okumura 1904-1974  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: Biography of Koichi Okumura  114 sold items for Koichi Okumura in our archive.  Google for Koichi Okumura 1904-1974.  Search BING for Koichi Okumura 1904-1974.

Koichi Okumura was a typical Kyoto artist. He was born in Kyoto, and lived, worked and taught art in this old imperial city until his death in 1974. Collectors of Japanese prints know him for several dozens of woodblock prints that the artist had designed for the Kyoto publisher Unsodo. Guess what kind of subjects? Mostly famous views of Kyoto, of course. Koichi Okumura, a Kyoto artist in every aspect!

Published by Unsodo

Kiyotada Torii - 1875-1941  View artist short biography.  Read article by artelino: Biography of Kiyotada Torii  104 sold items for Kiyotada IV Torii in our archive.  Google for Kiyotada Torii - 1875-1941.  Search BING for Kiyotada Torii - 1875-1941.

Kiyotada Torii, 1875-1941, was an adopted son of the famous Torii family. In the literature he is also referred to as Torii VII. Collectors of Japanese prints know him best for a series of actor prints, titled Kabuki Juhachiban.

Kabuki Juhachiban

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