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Japanese Prints and Chushingura, 47 Ronin - 1438

Roadside in Nara by Tadashige Ono 1909-1990

Roadside in Nara by Tadashige Ono 1909-1990

Japanese Prints and Chushingura, 47 Ronin - 1438 - open  View short biography of featured artist.  Read article: Chushingura, 47 Ronin and Ukiyo-e  View video.   Event has featured items.

"Chushingura" has been one of the most famous stories inside and outside of Japan. The vendetta story was based on the historical Ako Incident in 1701 - 03, in which the 47 master-less samurai, "ronin", avenged the unjust death of their lord of Ako domain in the western Honshu. "Kanadehon Chushingura" was the theatrical version of it. The vendetta story was heralded as the epitome of the samurai code of honor and loyalty, and became the Japan's national legend. The numerous art works and spin-off stories have been made about the revenge and loyalty of the 47 Ronin.

Featured Artists:
Osamu Sugiyama, Tadashige Ono, Ryusei Okamoto, Toshikata Mizuno, Kunisada Utagawa, Kunikazu Utagawa, Junichi Nakahara, Tomimaro Higuchi, and others.

Sunday, September 18, 2016 8:00:01 PM until Sunday, September 25, 2016 8:00:00 PM

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Ryusei Okamoto born 1949  386 sold items for Ryusei Okamoto in our archive.  View short biography of Ryusei Okamoto.  Read article: Ryusei Okamoto  Read article: How to Make a Woodblock Print - 2nd Week  Read article: How to Make a Woodblock Print - 3rd Week  Read article: How to Make a Woodblock Print - 4th Week  Read article: How to Make a Woodblock Print - 5th Week  View video.   Ryusei Okamoto - Homepage.  Signatures by this artist.  Google for Ryusei Okamoto.  Search BING for Ryusei Okamoto.

Ryusei Okamoto is a contemporary Japanese artist working in woodblock technique. His prints are signed in Western characters, dated and numbered. Ryusei Okamoto was a student of Toshi Yoshida. The artist has exhibited at the prestigious CWAJ prints shows in Tokyo.

Student of Toshi Yoshida.

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