Ms. Kerry Pendergrast
Ms. Kerry Pendergrast

It was a lucky coincidence that made us "find" the artworks of Kerry Pendergrast and her husband Pranoto. One of our clients, a famous Australian artist, had pointed us to their web site and had paved the way for us. We liked what we saw - pastels, paintings, line drawings and watercolors. Kerry Pendergrast's works make you feel the fragrance and the colors of Bali.

We love especially her watercolors - landscapes, still lifes and sensitive portraits of the human body in mesmerizing colors and compositions.

First Publication: December 2005
Latest Update: May 2013

Resumé of Kerry Pendergrast

By Kerry Pendergrast
By Kerry Pendergrast - Reflection
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The following resumé was written by Kerry Pendergrast and was edited by Dieter Wanczura.

"Kerry Pendergrast was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1963, studied Humanities at Curtin University and after graduating in 1986, pursued a career in theatre and music.

A trip to Bali changed her fate, when she met her Indonesian artist husband, Pranoto. She moved to Ubud, Bali in 1993 and has two children.

It has been during her time in Ubud that she developed as an artist herself. She began to attend and organize model sessions, draws and paints models twice a week. The models and artists attending these sessions come from all over the world.

Ubud has been a connecting place for artists for many years and the sense of community and support amongst artists (both Indonesian and from overseas) is always apparent and enhanced through the model sessions. This also creates an inspiring environment for Kerry as an artist, as well as managing Pranoto's Gallery with her husband, where they have hosted many exhibitions.

Kerry had her first exhibition at Seniwati Gallery (Art by Women) in 1998. She showed her assured line drawings and bright acrylic paintings. All the pieces were completed in the model sessions. She has since had several solo exhibitions in Indonesia and Australia, as well as many group shows. She has also developed a love for drawing in pastels, completing pieces outside in nature, beginning with a holiday to Lombok in 2001.

Kerry enjoys the experience of sitting in front of a scene, capturing the light and feeling an interaction that is immediate and fresh in her work. The medium of soft pastel on sandpaper creates a luxurious texture and enhances the colours of the pastels. The other aspect of her work continues in the model sessions, where she uses watercolour on paper.

Here she is interested in exploring the richness of colour, transparency and the interaction of pigments. Her work reflects her love of life in Bali-the lushness of the countryside, and the delicate patterns and textiles of Indonesia that continue to fascinate her as an artist."

By Kerry Pendergrast
By Kerry Pendergrast - Reading
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