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Fishing Boat
Fishing Boat - By Yoshimune Arai
By Yoshimune Arai
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Practically nothing is known about Japanese artist Yoshimune Arai. His name became known after the death of art dealer and collector Robert O. Muller in 2003 when his huge collection of shin hanga came into the market for the first time.

First Publication: July 2009

Popular Night Scenes and Others

When huge numbers of shin hanga prints came into the market after 2003, artelino has been commissioned from the very beginning to sell these prints from what had became known as the Robert O. Muller collection. The collection had a worldwide reputation, both for its sheer size as well as its outstanding quality.

With the collection a number of artists, hardly known to the community of Japanese prints collectors, suddenly stepped into the awareness. One of them was Yoshimune Arai. We do not know anything about him either. They were published by Nishinomiya Yosaku.

Especially popular became the night scenes.

Woodblock Prints by Yoshimune Arai

We do not know anything about the artist. But we have been so happy to experience so many designs by the artist. And we want to share this experience. Here a few of these beautiful designs. And you can find more in our archive. Just follow the link below.

Suma Beach at Night
Suma Beach at Night - By Yoshimune Arai
By Yoshimune Arai
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Fishing Boat - Night Scene Series
Fishing Boat - Night Scene Series - By Yoshimune Arai
By Yoshimune Arai
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Two Boats in Moonlight
Two Boats in Moonlight - By Yoshimune Arai
By Yoshimune Arai
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Cormorant Fishing
Cormorant Fishing - By Yoshimune Arai
By Yoshimune Arai
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