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Moon of the Acient City
Moon of the Acient City - Yoshikazu Tanaka
Yoshikazu Tanaka
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Yoshikazu Tanaka is from the post-war generation of Japanese artists who adopted international trends in art and combined them with traditional Japanese printmaking techniques and subjects.

First Publication: September 2013

Biography of Hiromitsu Nakazawa

Tanaka Yoshikazu was born in Kyoto in 1933. He received his education at the Kyoto City School of Fine Arts and at Musashino Art University. He had his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 2002, and in Kyoto in 2003. He is a regular contributor to the yearly CWAJ (College Women's Association of Japan) print exhibition.

The artist works in a mixed media technique with elements of woodblock printmaking and engraving. One of the artist's favorite subjects are night scenes with trees.

Yoshikazu Tanaka is a member of the Japan Print Association and Japan Artists Association.

Moon Light - Japanese Cedar
Moon Light - Japanese Cedar - Yoshikazu Tanaka
Yoshikazu Tanaka
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New Moon and Tree Top
New Moon and Tree Top - Yoshikazu Tanaka
Yoshikazu Tanaka
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