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Edutainment > How to Make a Woodblock Print - Fourth Week - by Ryusei Okamoto

Ryusei Okamoto
Ryusei Okamoto

This article is part of a series by Japanese printmaker Ryusei Okamoto to demonstrate how to make a woodblock print. This page covers the fourth week from June 28 until July 4, 2006.

First Publication: July 2006
Latest Update: February 2014

Starting the Third Carving

"Hoping it will be the last carving step, I have just started the third carving."

By Ryusei Okamoto
By Ryusei Okamoto

"In order to concentrate my attention on a small portion of the block, I mask off the rest with newspaper.

First, Second and Third Carving

By Ryusei Okamoto
By Ryusei Okamoto

By Ryusei Okamoto
By Ryusei Okamoto

By Ryusei Okamoto
By Ryusei Okamoto

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