If you like cats, you will also like Tadashige Nishida woodblock prints. The artist has specialized in making woodblock prints of cats in all positions and colors. But also other popular subjects of contemporary Japanese printmaking are to be found - like tree prints or the ever-glowing Mount Fuji.

First Publication: September 2009
Latest Update: May 2013

Woodblock Prints by Tadashige Nishida

Tadashige Nishida was born on Amami Oshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. He studied at Chiba University. In the 1960s the artist went to Spain and to the United States of America for post-graduate studies.

Tadashige Nishida works in woodblock technique. His works are published by Uchida in Kyoto. They are well made and have a high technical level - usually with luxury features like the background made with gold or silver pigments. Tadashige Nishida's woodblock prints come as limited editions of usually 100 or more copies, numbered, dated and signed by the artist.

Cat Prints by Tadashige Nishida

Japanese people like cats. Images of these cute little felines can be often found on woodblock prints by Kuniyoshi Utagawa, 1797-1861. Of all ukiyo-e artists he was maybe the first to make cats appear noticeable on many of his thousands of Japanese print designs. He was a great cat lover, and many more artists among following generations made cat prints. Tadashige Nishida is one of them, but with his own specific style.

By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - Fly Away B, 2000
Fly Away B, 2000
By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - Cat Look Back 2W, 1999
Cat Look Back 2W, 1999


By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - Relax - S, 1994
Relax - S, 1994

Tree Prints by Tadashige Nishida

Joichi Hoshi - 1913-1979 may have been the first to specialize in images of trees. Since then many Japanese artists have followed him, including his student Hajime Namiki - born 1947. How then could Tadashige Nishida be the odd one staying outside?

By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - Morning Shine (2) Red, 2005
Morning Shine (2) Red, 2005


By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - White Trees (3), 1997
White Trees (3), 1997
By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - White Tree (8), 2002
White Tree (8), 2002

Mount Fuji Seen by Tadashige Nishida

Every Japanese artist must have created at least one image of the eternal Mount Fuji. Tadashige's Mount Fuji looks a bit odd. The attraction of the designs is in my view the way in which Tadashige Nishida integrated the pattern of the grain of the wooden block into the image.

By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - Mt. Fuji in Red Glow, 1988
Mt. Fuji in Red Glow, 1988
By Tadashige Nishida
By Tadashige Nishida - Red Fuji (8), 1999
Red Fuji (8), 1999

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