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January 2005
January 2005 - Newsletter No. 289
Newsletter No. 289

The Dutch are small in terms of a population numbering less than 17 million. But they are a great and large community of collectors and enthusiasts for Japanese arts - obviously due to their unique position as exclusive trading nation with Japan in the 17th, 18th and the first half of the 19th century. No wonder that the Society for Japanese Art, founded in 1937 and one of the biggest associations for Japanese arts outside Japan, has its home in the Netherlands.

First Publication: February 2005
Latest Update: February 2014

Society for Japanese Arts

The Society for Japanese Arts (SJA) was founded in 1937 with the objective of encouraging the appreciation and study of traditional Japanese arts and crafts. Today the SJA has several core activities.

  • A newsletter sent to its members 4 to 6 times per year.
  • A periodical (2 to 3 issues per year) - Andon.
  • The society organizes and encourages exhibitions of Japanese art, study-meetings, lectures and excursions.
  • The SJA maintains the Heinz Kaempfer Fund, which sponsors publications and research in Japanese arts and crafts.

The Society is kept alive and thriving by (mostly) Dutch art aficionados and has been successfully navigated for many years through the waves of old and new forms of researching and collecting Japanese arts by its secretary Robert Schaap.


Andon No. 77
Andon No. 77

voor Japanse Kunst

Mr. Pankenstraat 12
5571 CP Bergeyk
The Netherlands

Tel. ++31-497-572310
Fax. ++31-497-573657

The Newsletter

Members of the Society for Japanese Arts receive the Newsletter 4 to 6 times per year - in January 2005 with the proud number of 289. It comes in black and white with usually 8 pages. The newsletter contains:

  • Museum and gallery exhibitions from all over the world of interest for friends of Japanese art.
  • Auctions - real world auctions only :-(
  • Book reviews.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • News from the Society.

Andon - the Magazine

artelino's classified in Andon 77 ...
artelino's classified in Andon 77 ...

Andon is a professionally made magazine published several times per year. It comes in colors on a glossy paper and with a modern layout that can compete with any trendy, high-end magazines. It is not available for purchase at book shops or news stands, but sent for free to the members of the Society.

Andon brings articles on Japanese arts on a high level and such things like book reviews. Another aspect of interest is in our view the advertising section of the magazine. You find many dealers in Japanese arts and among them nearly all major galleries in ukiyo-e with adverts.

No search engine or directory on the internet will give you such a concentrated reference for your hunting for "Japanese art treasures".

If you have a business related to Japanese art, advertising in Andon is in our view a pretty good idea. Here is the price list that we had received from Inge Klompmakers in summer 2004.

Color Black and White
4 x back page EURO 3,000 -
full page EURO 750 full page EURO 300
4 x full page EURO 2,500 4 x full page EURO 1,000
half page EURO 425 half page EURO 175
4 x half page EURO 1,400 4 x half page EURO 600

At that time we had no experience in print advertising and how to make a layout for our little artelino company. Robert Schaap and Inge Klompmakers were very helpful and patient with us until we had finally put together all requirements. And they charged us no extra costs for the layout.


She is so cute!
She is so cute! - ... and our favorite advert in Andon 77
... and our favorite advert in Andon 77

In February 2005 the membership fees were EURO 35 (Netherlands), EURO 40 (Europe) and USD 50 (outside Europe) per year. You get an annual invoice, and can pay by wire transfer or credit card.

In 2004 the society had more than 800 members from 25 countries. Most members are from the Netherlands (ca. 300) and from the U.S.A. (ca. 200). You receive a list of all members, published every two years or so. The newsletter lists all new members and changes. Among the members you find collectors, dealers in Japanese arts, many museums and other art institutions.

If you are interested in joining the Society for Japanese Arts, go to How to become a member.

artelino recommends a membership with the Society for everyone who is interested in Japanese arts, and especially for those whose interest is in ukiyo-e. The membership is a good thing. It is affordable, you support a lot of positive activities and what you get back is worth more than the annual fee you pay.

Society for Japanese Arts on the Internet

You find the web site of the Society on The web site is available since 2004. Late - but those who are late in jumping on new technologies have one advantage. They avoid the trial and error phase. The website, programmed by Theo de Kreijger, is very well done - informative and aesthetically appealing without that nerve-wrecking flash stuff that so many art related sites cannot resist to use.

A funny detail that made us smile: The web site has even been optimized for top positions in search engines by the latest "state of art". Well done you guys!

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