Waiting for Spring
Waiting for Spring - Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
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Kazuyuki Ohtsu has worked as a woodblock printmaker since the early 1950s. But for many years he was in the shadow of another great woodblock artist. Kazyuki Ohtsu worked as a faithful assistant for Kiyoshi Saito for 40 years until the death of Kiyoshi Saito in 1997. It is now time that the public becomes finally more aware of this great printmaker.

First Publication: June 2009
Latest Update: April 2013

Loyalty Towards the Master

Kazuyuki Ohtsu was born in Isezaki City in Gunma Prefecture in 1935. He began to learn the art of traditional woodblock printmaking in 1954. And although he had several exhibitions of his own while he was still working for Kiyoshi Saito, he did not dare to really come forward until the death of his "master" in 1997. Such behavior is typical for Japanese people to whom the loyalty towards the "master" has been regarded as one of the highest virtues since Japan's medieval ages.

Landscapes, Snow, Farmhouses and more Old Japan

Kazuyuki Ohtsu works in a style that is typical for some of Japan's contemporary woodblock printmakers. Rural landscapes, old farmhouses, traditional Japanese scenes like stone gardens, nature scenes. One can find several artists practicing this style especially in the Kyoto area like for instance Joshua Rome (now back in the United States), Tatsuo Kawashima, Shufu Miyamoto, Masao Ido, Sano Seiji or Yamataka Noboru to name just a few. What these artists have all in common. They show a nostalgic, romantic Japan of the past and they work in woodblock technique.

Woodblock Prints by Kazuyuki Ohtsu

Here are a few more of Kazuyuki Ohtsu's woodblock prints.

Persimmons in Winter
Persimmons in Winter - Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Persimmons in Autumn
Persimmons in Autumn - Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Quiet Day in Snow
Quiet Day in Snow - Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Stone Garden
Stone Garden - Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935
Kazuyuki Ohtsu - born 1935

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