Artist Portrait
Artist Portrait - Mr. Jie Rentai
Mr. Jie Rentai

Do you like romantic but wild landscapes, gorgeous sunrises over Mongolian grassland, wild horses, rain clouds, sunsets or rainbows - designed and painted in beautiful colors and in figurative style? Then the Mongolian artist Jie Rentai might become one of your favorite artists. Jie Rentai is a leading artist from Inner Mongolia with deep roots in the history and customs of his people. Jie Rentai has exhibited widely in China and in Japan.

First Publication: September 2007
Latest Update: February 2014

Born in Inner Mongolia

Mr. Jie Rentai is of Mongolian descent. He was born in 1947 in Inner Mongolia. The artist works as a senior teacher of fine arts at Jarud Banner Mongolian High School. In 1997 Jie Rentai began advanced studies at the Department of Fine Arts of Inner Mongolian University.


  • Member of Inner Mongolian Branch of Chinese Artists Association.
  • Member of China Ethnic Group Promotion Association.
  • Director of Jarud Ethnic Print Study Society.

Style and Technique

Yuan Taizu Showing his Power
Yuan Taizu Showing his Power - By Jie Rentai born 1947
By Jie Rentai born 1947
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The artist uses the reduction woodblock technique. Jie Rentai is especially good in the depiction of the Mongolian grassland scenery. Gorgeous compositions - often from bird view - and daring colors create images of a celestial atmosphere. His editions are very small with rarely more than 30 copies.


Jie Rentai has created more than one hundred prints since the 1970s. These art works have regularly participated in a series of renowned exhibitions such as:

  • China Fine Arts Exhibition.
  • China Teacher's Fine Arts Exhibition.
  • China Primary and Secondary School Teacher's Fine Arts Exhibition.
  • Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region Fine Arts Exhibition.

From these exhibitions, Jie Rentai received several awards over the years.

Several of his art works were sent to Japan to be shown at art exhibitions. Newspapers and magazines of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region and other provinces have reported about Jie Rentai frequently.

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