French born contemporary artist Daniel Authouart is a new shooting star in the art market. When he publishes a new print edition, it is sold out before it is even printed.

First Publication: October 2001
Latest Update: February 2014

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A Prodigy Child

Daniel Authouart was born on September 17, 1943 in Lilleville in France. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a greengrocer. As a young boy he moved to Rouen in the Normandy where his mother had bought a small grocery shop. When Daniel was seven years old, his father died. At the age of fourteen, he began to draw and paint.

Toulouse Lautrec became his favorite painter. Daniel studied him intensively by copying the paintings and posters of the great master. On Thursday and Sunday, Daniel Authouart went to the movies with his friends to see the latest American films.

Authouart was admitted to the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Rouen at the age of only 16. He finished the academy with degrees in painting, interior design and advertising.

His first jobs were in the commercial sector for different advertising agencies and interior design studios. In 1967 Authouart got a steady job as an art teacher. It gave him the opportunity to continue to paint without financial worries. But In 1974 Daniel Authouart gave up teaching and concentrated himself completely on his art.

Daniel Authouart and America

Daniel Authouart's art work has everything to attract and become popular. It is rendered with enormous technical skill. It has a sense of humor, it is satirical and full of fantasy.

Born in 1943, Daniel Authouart grew up under the increasing influence of the American way of life, which became so dominant in Europe after World War II. This experience is reflected in his paintings with American themes like the New York Trilogy. Authouart wrote about New York:

"New York is to the twentieth century what Rome and Florence were to the Fifteenth century - any artist has to have been there."
And he wrote about his dream of visiting America:
"J'ai longtemps révé d'aller en Amérique pour voir les indiens des westerns de mon enfance....
Mais quand je suis arrivé, les cowboys avaient déja tué les indiens....
J'ai commencé ces tableaux en 1983...pour poser le dernier coup de pinceau en 1998...."

The Teddy Bear Series and Others

Scenes from America have become a kind of trademark for Daniel Authouart. But he becomes never repetitive or obsessed by a subject. And before anybody would suspect him to exploit a commercially successful series by making yet another and yet another "follow-up", Authouart is starting something different, for instance his teddy bear series.

The images are imaginative, humorous, witty and last but not least technically perfect. It is up to the spectator how he wants to see them. One can put a lot of interpretation into them or one can regard them as cute. They are both.

Contemporary artist Daniel Authouart is both a painter and a printmaker. All these wonderful print images are first painted on canvas with oil or acrylic. One can imagine that it takes the artist quite some time to finish one painting. After a painting is finished, it is published as a limited edition lithograph with an edition between two and three hundred copies. All lithographs are numbered and signed by the artist.

A Successful Contemporary Artist

Daniel Authouart is now on the best way of becoming one of the most successful contemporary artists. Among his collectors are Janet Jackson and the French President Jaques Chirac. In 1989 Authouart had a major retrospective exhibition in Paris which attracted 15,000 visitors.

Prices for original lithographs by Daniel Authouart are still at an affordable level. Quite a few prints signed and numbered are available for less than US$1,000. But for how long?

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